How can you establish a healthy routine for your Bengal cats?


You must have read a lot of things about Bengal cats and have also come around certain negative traits of this breed which might have prevented you from owning a Bengal cat. Some of the most common negative traits that you may have heard are their predatory nature and behavioral problems. Anyone who has raised a child will know how good playing habits can help the child to grow and develop into a better human being. The same logic applied to Bengal cats. Did you know that good playing habits can cure a lot of behavioral problems in your cat? You need to incorporate an interesting playing routine into their lives especially when they are young. This prevents them from getting bored. It’s important to ensure that the cat’s physical and mental needs are satiated. You need to spend a considerable amount of time with your cat to ensure that they develop good behavior. If you find that your pet is excessively vocal or plays too rough, or engages in any kind of unwanted behavior, you can solve it out by introducing a playing routine. This routine will help them to keep control of their energy levels as well as their body rhythm.

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Understanding the body rhythms of a Bengal cat:

There’s a reason why Bengal cats have a predatory nature. This is because they are not aware of their next meal. Or in simple words, they do not have an understanding of where their food is coming from. This is the main reason why they keep hunting. One of the common reasons for unwanted behavior is free-feeding. You should never free-feed your cats. Set a particular time for your cats so that they don’t behave unnaturally or greedy every time. To stop your cats from behaving in a ferocious manner, you need to first stop free-feeding them. Usually, cats when hungry expand their energy to hunt for food and after a small meal they usually take a nap and this cycle continues. Jungle beauty is not natural grazers so if you are allowing them to graze, you’re actually messing up with their natural body rhythm. Cats that adapt to this manner do not face behavioral issues but the ones that cannot adapt to this become extremely aggressive or vocal. Anything that disrupts their natural body rhythm causes a wide range of behavioral issues.

Correcting behavioral issues through a playing routine:

To correct these behaviors, it’s important to establish a healthy playing routine. This also includes how much time you can dedicate to your cat. The routine should be consistent and realistic most importantly. The best times to engage in play sessions with your cat are during the mornings and the evenings. These are the two times when they are the most active. If your cats aren’t satisfied with two playing sessions, then you need to include a third or a fourth playing session. There are two ways by which you can include hard playing sessions- i) buying cat wheels ii) having another highly active pet like a cat or a dog.


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