How can responsive website design templates help in business growth?


Responsive website design is a webpage layout that enables us to view and navigate on the webpage easily. The main objective is to make content accessible on different devices of different screen sizes. Other than this, it helps to easily load webpages and offer better user experience to access the website.

With the increased use of mobile devices among the consumers, the website designing team has started to recognize the need for responsive web design template. Further, the designers want to ensure that the website design helps attract the attention of potential customers easily. This has triggered the creation of websites that easily respond to the various devices used. Before we move on to the benefits of responsive website design, let us shed some light on the basic features of responsive design.

Basic features of responsive website

  • The website layout varies with a change in display resolution
  • The design includes changing the fonts, heights, hide elements and width of the screen
  • Create websites compatible across different devices
  • Plain text code should be incorporated for easy navigation on the website
  • Stretch the image to fit in the browser window
  • The design should be able to detect different screen resolutions
  • Incorporates responsive videos that change as the screen becomes narrow

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Top benefits of responsive web designs

  • Increased mobile traffic

Most of the website traffic is generated from mobile devices. So, it is important to have websites that are smoothly accessible on mobile device screens. The image on the website should be free from distortion. Therefore, responsive designs are becoming popular among mobile device users. Also, it offers versatility at a low development cost.

  • Requires low maintenance

Responsive website designs require low maintenance and it can be tested using standard methods. It helps get optimized site layout for every screen. Having a responsive design that fits both on desktop and mobile version the site helps both business owners and the consumers. Thus, maintenance requires less time with more time to focus on core business functioning.

  • Fast loading of pages

As per study, mobile users tend to skip page that takes longer to load. It requires optimizing site for tablets and smartphones that can lower the time taken to navigate in a site. Therefore, the website creator should use latest techniques like caching, easy image display and improve the speed of loading a page.

This way, with better website design, it is possible to offer enhanced browsing experience to the users.

  • Better conversion rates

Create a better user experience for company sites across all devices and it helps to convert new customers. A secured website should be created with a professional touch that is accessible via different platforms. This can also help the subscribers decide fast on whether to subscribe to the service page.

  • Better use of SEO

Responsive website design goes hand-in-hand with SEO for quality content. It provides extra benefits for the sites that are mobile optimized. Duplicate content can affect your search rankings.


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