SEO in the times of Corona – Expert tips from SEO analysts


During such trying times, you must be taking all the safety precautions that have been strictly recommended by the World Health Organization. Majority of the federal governments are stepping up with their policies in order to safeguard their workers from the financial impacts of self-isolation. Till date, Italy is the hardest-hit areas and the federal government negotiated a deal with banks for suspending mortgage instalments.

In places like Canada, the unemployment benefits’ waiting period has been done away with. There are few trustworthy sources that help employers and the employees to prepare for this deadly disease. If you’re practicing SEO In Mississauga, you should know how to thrive your business. Here are few tips.

  1. Keep optimizing and stay calm

This isn’t the time for panicking. There are alarmingly large numbers of accounts from marketing who are winding up all sorts of marketing operations till further notice. Regardless of whether you have a family-owned restaurant or a landscaping business or a small retail shop, you can experience losses in revenue within the approaching months. E-commerce, service or product business or brick and mortar businesses, all are getting ready for a major hit. You can click here to know more on SEO tips for your business in 2020. Organic search is a 0-sum game and the losses and gains are balanced by losses and gains of others in the search engine result pages.

  1. Marketing and budgeting during the pandemic

What kind of sales do you generate in a year? Is it somewhere between $1 and $5 in a year? If answered yes, you must be spending at least 8% of the gross revenue on marketing and advertising, as per the Small Business Administration. For example, if you earn gross revenue of $100,000, you should earmark at least $7,000 for marketing and advertising in a year. It is crucial that you maintain a minimum level of investment in marketing throughout the crisis period. Inbound marketing and SEO have a long way to go.

  1. Interview customers and employees

How about using Google Hangouts or Zoom to host video calls with your customers and employees? You can always conduct interviews with your customers and employees to know about their unique experiences with your products, the culture of work and your services. In the approaching months, these videos and transcripts will turn out to be a rich source of resource for social content, blog posts and also for media releases.

  1. Conduct an audit of your content

It takes time to audit content and it also requires expertise and time to do the same. If you own a company where you haven’t been keeping inventory of your content, this is the best time to get started. Create a new Excel or Google Sheet and use a tab for each type of content like emails, webpages, whitepapers, blog posts and e-books.

Therefore, if you have a company that is like, you have to make sure you do the needful for search engine optimization during lockdown days.

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