The Coronavirus pandemic – What does it mean to the marketers?


If you aren’t someone living under the rocks, you must have heard about the Coronavirus. It is unfortunate enough to note that this is spreading too fast and will keep spreading for the time-being. None of us are aware of how people might get affected or even expire silently. Nevertheless, this Coronavirus pandemic has led to a global market crash and this means whether you’re a marketer or a businessman, you’ll be affected.

If you own a business that works with several other companies, by now, you must have understood how this outbreak is going to have an adverse impact on your company. You can learn more on remote working and how it boosts productivity as this is the new trend. Let’s see what this crisis period may mean to you.

You’re not supposed to exploit this situation

It is sad enough to note that people are exploiting the fear of others. As supplies are running pretty low all over the world, from toilet paper to masks to hand sanitizers, there is scarcity all over. There are too many marketers who are purchasing them and again reselling on eBay at a price that is 10-50 times higher than the actual price.

This is neither called entrepreneurship nor marketing. It is recommended that you avert exploiting such a situation for making quick money. Suppose you want to learn more on gift ideas that you may want to give to your friend during the lockdown period, you have to search the online sites that sell gift items at a reasonable price.

Businesses will incur losses for some time now

Even though this virus might slow down, going by the numbers in China, the businesses all over the world are still going to suffer for more than a year as they’ll have to make up for their losses. Retail sales in China dropped by 20.5% due to the virus and the rate of unemployment spiked up to 6.7 in February. There are companies like Apple that are closing down their stores to prevent the spread. This is equivalent to less income and hence less profit.

Organic traffic has also plummeted in most industries

If you’re someone who belongs to the financial space or the news industry, you must have faced skyrocketing traffic. On the contrary, if you’re in the travel industry, you must have seen huge drops in traffic. E-commerce is a mixed bag and it depends on the products that a site sold. If you sell baby products like wipes and diapers, you must have seen a hike in traffic. However, if you’re selling Televisions and luxury goods, you might have seen a drop in traffic.

SEO In Mississauga will teach you how to communicate with your customers and make sure your conversion rates are still high. From the perspective of conversion, there were drops in several industries too.

Make sure you have all the required information on Coronavirus and the SEO steps that you have to take as a digital marketer or as on offline marketer. Stay protected during trying times.

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