Why Athletes Should Seek Counseling


Just like any other profession, even athletes may feel under pressure or stressed about their performance. Sometimes this stress or tension may lead to mental illness or mental health issues. So, athletes need to seek counseling as soon as possible. 

Here are some reasons why counseling for athletes San Jose is essential:

1.Mental Toughness: 

While most athletes are just told to “get over” the situation and look forward to the next match, tournament, or performance, sometimes it takes a toll on their mental health. So, seeking help from a therapist can help athletes improve their performance both on and off the field.  

2.Improve Performance

In sports, performance depends 90% on mental health and 10% on physical strength. Therefore, to take their performance to another level, athletes must work on their mental health with the help of a professional therapist. 


Being an athlete, you have very demanding schedules. You have to compete with other athletes, manage personal relationships, and also work on improving your performance. So, to take care of your mental health and overall well-being, you may need the help of a therapist to maintain your best self. 

4.Stress Reliever

As an athlete, every performance can be very stressful. You have to deal with practice sessions, coaches, family, friends, as well as have the fear of losing your position or meeting someone’s expectations. That’s too much to handle by an individual. So, taking to a therapist can assist you by placing things in proper order in life. The professionals also help you explore certain feelings and thoughts while relieving stress levels tremendously.  

  1. Get Support

Often athletes may feel that no one around them understands them or knows what they’re going through. Such feelings can further lead to anger, depression, or frustration. So, consulting a therapist provides them the much-needed emotional support that validates them. In therapy, every detail you share is confidential, without any criticism or judgment.

Athlete online counseling at iMan Therapy

iMan Therapy offers effective online counseling for athletes to help them cope with various situations in life. Kamal, a licensed psychotherapist, will work closely with you to thoroughly understand your emotional needs and mental health issues troubling you. 

He works by various theoretical orientations — cognitive behavior, humanistic-existential, and somatic approach — each of which provides him deep insight into how his clients’ unique needs to be supported with counseling. 

Besides athletes’ counseling, his other specialties are: 

  • Family therapy
  • Teens and young adults
  • Trauma 
  • PTSD
  • Stress and Anxiety 
  • Men’s mental health
  • Work/Life balance
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Racial minorities, Racial identities

What to Expect:

At the online counseling, you may expect sessions for around 50 to 90 minutes regarding your mental health condition and appropriate solutions to improve them. 

To book an appointment or discuss any questions regarding your condition, feel free to call or email on (408) 345-5293 or kamal@imantherapyinc.com.


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