How An LED Video Wall Helped My Business Grow?

When my clothing business was only starting, I thought that letting a mannequin wear the outfit I made and hanging digital signage in Singapore at the top of my store would be enough as a marketing strategy. But months passed, and nothing changed. Sure, I was making a bit of profit but compared to my competitors, I was way behind. I knew how difficult it was to start a business, especially at a young age. Aside from sewing garments for my clothing store, there are numerous things to take note of, but I still did. After all, I want to prove to my parents that I can stand on my own feet without relying on their help.

Undercover: Spying My Competitors

Since waiting without doing anything was not my cup of tea, I did something ridiculous (still something that most business owners would consider), spying on my competitors. For a week, I asked my siblings to take care of my clothing store while I was away, checking out the clothing shops around my neighbourhood.
While I was window shopping, the arrangement of their clothing shop was different from mine. The whole place was several times more lively and full of colours. They even play some music to improve the customers’ moods. At that point, I realised what I was lacking in many ways. Besides offering quality garments, I should put much more effort into improving my customers’ shopping experience. Since the time I spied on my competitors’ clothing stores, I revamped mine. I added an LED video wall in Singapore to capture the attention of customers, especially passersby.

The Benefits Of An LED Video Wall At My Clothing Store

Since I renovated my apparel business and put a video wall in front of it in Singapore, a lot has changed. I cannot help but feel glad and proud of my decisions. Below are the benefits of having an LED video wall that I have been enjoying ever since I added this piece at my clothing store.

Visually Appealing

The lights coming from an LED video wall are very eye-catching, especially during cloudy days and nights. Anyone from far away can see its content. My loyal customers commended me for a job well done in making my clothing store more visually appealing.

Increase Brand Awareness 

Another thing I noticed was the increase in brand awareness. Since the video wall is huge, people can recognise my logo and the style of clothes I sell.


What I also loved about having an LED video wall is that it is customisable. Given that there are many sales dates throughout the year, the feature of this LED video wall has helped me customise my campaigns.

Do We Recommend Big Image?

Of course, I would! One time when I told them that I was going to participate in a trade show, they insisted that I needed a backdrop for my stall in Singapore. I am glad I listened to their suggestions because many people dropped by and purchased the garments I was selling that week at the trade show. Contact Big Image at (+65) 8831 8839 (Phone)/(+65) 8831 8839 (WhatsApp) or leave a message on their website if you are interested in their LED video wall in Singapore.

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