Home Improvement Ideas to Do on a Weekend


Home improvement is a task that many people put off for years and decades, but it’s essential to maintain your home so it can last as long as possible. With the right tools and some creativity, you can do many different things with just one weekend. Check out these ideas and consider using them to improve your home.


Painting is one of the easiest ways to change your home’s look completely. You can also make it feel much cleaner by cleaning up any dirt, grime, or other marks on walls, floors, and furniture before you start painting them with a power washer. If certain areas like the interior barn doors need extra work, don’t be afraid to care for them. If you want to take things a step further, consider painting your home’s interior with environmentally friendly paint.

Be sure to let any new coats of paint dry completely before moving items back into their original location or using surfaces again; otherwise, they could get ruined by contaminants in wet paint. If you’re going out of town during this process, bring along some extra towels just in case something happens overnight.

Fixing or Replacing Broken Fixtures

If you have any lights, ceiling fans, or other fixtures in your home that are no longer working correctly, it’s time to replace them. Even if they still appear to work, there could be an underlying issue with the wiring itself that isn’t safe for use anymore.

When fixing up a fixture, you will need essential tools like pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and even power drills, depending on what needs replacement. If one area is too hard for you to do yourself, consider hiring someone who knows how to fix things up.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are Clear

After a few years of rain and snow, you might find some debris in your home’s gutters. If you’re not the type to climb up on top of roofs, then hire someone else who can do this job for you. Even if they charge, you will be well worth having clean guttering in place so water doesn’t pool around your foundation and cause any damage over time.

Just remember to double-check before heavy rains hit because a clogged gutter could lead to leaks inside the walls instead, which is just as bad but harder to notice at first. Even worse would be mold growing behind drywall where no one can get rid of it until tearing down an entire wall section to access it.

Cleaning Out the Garage

If you have any full boxes or items that are just sitting in your garage, basement, or attic for years, it’s time to throw them away. Don’t be afraid of what might happen if you clean out these areas either. Once they’re all gone, nothing is stopping you from adding new things as needed. Moreover, now your home can feel like a real space instead of one with junk everywhere.

The best part about cleaning up these areas is that you might even find valuable things like coins or tools from years ago. Don’t forget to check around shelves, underneath boxes, and inside every nook and cranny because those are often perfect hiding spots for small objects. You could end up with a nice little bonus when doing this work.

Planting a Garden

If you have some extra space in your yard, consider planting new vegetables and flowers. Planting vegetables is a great way to save money on groceries if done correctly, plus it can be very relaxing once everything starts growing well enough where there’s always something fresh being harvested from the ground.

You might want to start small since this isn’t easy work, even though many think gardening is relaxing instead of hard labor by using their hands all day long. Just pick one type of vegetable first before adding anything else since some plants can be very picky about being grown next to others.

Whether trying to save money or just looking for ways to keep occupied on the weekends, it’s essential not to forget about home improvement projects. Even though some might sound difficult, several easy ones can be started this weekend if time permits, plus they’ll eventually pay off in more significant ways when selling the property later down the road.

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