How to spice up your bedroom lighting with the best chandeliers


It is usually fun and exciting to light up our bedrooms. We usually have a lot of ideas where it comes to this important task. We have limitless styles, design choices, and excellent hues to enthral and captivate us. While this might be fun to do, we need to understand how to go about it to prevent us from over illuminating our bedroom spaces. The essential tips help you master the art of spicing up your bedroom with lights.

1) Consider the size of the room

The most important aspect of defining tour bedroom lighting is to consider the size of your room. With modern bedroom ideas abound, you should go for lights that illuminate all corners of your room. Avoid placing too many lights indiscriminately.

2) A smart style statement

The lighting of your bedroom should enhance and reflect both the colour and design themes of your bedroom spaces. If your room comes with a royal or a glamorous look with double volume height, you might want to get a glamorous chandelier that cascades down into the room below. Apart from modern bedroom chandeliers, you could still spruce up your room by using sleek light sconces.

3) Multiple light layers

If you want your bedroom to come with that perfect look, then you need to add various layers of bedroom lighting. The recess lights should complement both the task and accent lighting. The ambient lighting should set the general lighting tone of your room while task lighting should come with a focused lighting system for specific corners of your bedroom. All three light types come together to give your bedroom a stunning appearance.

4) Smart bedside lights

The science and art behind bedside lighting have undergone some evolution. You no longer need table lamps at both ends of your bed. Instead, we now have sconces and pendant lights to light up your bedside, thereby providing smoke space at both ends of the bed. However, you might still opt for smart bedside lamps if you wish because those have also been transformed.

5) Experiment with your ambience

Far from modern bedroom chandeliers, you can also play with the ambience of your bedroom. You could get dimmer lighting which changes the lighting of your bedroom in a microsecond. The dimmer makes it possible to switch between the different lighting noises with just a button press

6) Using light fixtures as decoration

One more mistake that people do when choosing their bedroom lighting systems is to choose beauty and design over function. You might certainly have an amazing and exquisite chandelier in the bedroom. However, does this chandelier provide you with the proper illumination? Will you like its performance when lighting layers are added?  Remember that modern bedroom chandeliers involve working with the proper lighting systems and not just a convoluted collection of glass and crystal prisms.

7) Colourful lights are currently in fashion

Whether it is the colour of your bulb or the lampshade, you can spruce up your bedroom space by using various colour lighting systems. You can choose fuzzy and warm lights for romantic and passionate nights and evenings. Brighter lights will increase the grandeur of the bedroom and enhance its charm.

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