Getting A Brow Embroidery in Singapore? Here’s What You Should Know First

Brow embroidery in Singapore is becoming a popular and trendy treatment for achieving fuller and bolder brows. Others use the term microblading, 3-D eyebrow or pigment embroidery interchangeably with brow embroidery. The treatment is technically a form of implanting pigmentation underneath the layer of the skin via tiny needles that creates what looks like a ‘hair stroke’. It gives a thinner appearance with a natural volume as well as thickness.

What To Know Exactly About Eyebrow Embroidery?

If you haven’t heard about brow embroidery, here’s what you need to know about it:

Anyone can have it

It’s a common misconception to assume that brow embroidery is only for women. Men can also patients suffering from hair loss can also become candidates for pigmentation embroidery. However, patients who are pregnant or taking blood-thinning medications should not be fit to take the treatment. Otherwise, a consultation with a physician or a medical specialist should be necessary.

Treatment lasts for a few hours

Brow embroidery is the equivalent of getting a lips tattoo in Singapore. Similar to it, the eyebrow embroidery treatment only lasts for a few hours (between 2-3 hours). Hence it is vital that you choose carefully the brow shape you intend for the artist to do since it will be semi-permanent. The entire appointment and treatment require preparation.

The treatment is not painful

It’s another common misconception to assume that getting a 6D eyebrow embroidery can be a painful experience. With today’s treatment techniques changing and improving with the latest innovations and technologies, many types of therapies and treatments are becoming less painful. The artist will put numbing cream before the procedure begins. It will help reduce the pain and discomfort during microblading.

It requires preparation

Unlike getting a lash lift and tint, eyebrow embroidery requires more preparation time since the resulting process will be semi-permanent. It’s vital to recognise the process of choosing an artist and how you can take care of your skin after the procedure. You might consider doing a little research ahead of time before you make an appointment.

3 Things to Expect After the Procedure

Here are a few things you should expect after getting an eyebrow embroidery:


There will be minimal swellings and redness around the brow skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. To avoid this, ensure that you visit an aesthetician for consultation before the procedure so that you can know the aftercare process for faster healing.


After getting a brow embroidery, your eyebrow will start to dry up. It is almost the same condition you can expect from getting lips embroidery in Singapore. The process of scabbing begins after there are wounds forming around the eyebrow, which will appear darker and will begin to peel on their own. However, it is something not to be concerned about as this is a normal experience after the microblading.

Unevenness in the colour

Unevenness in colour surrounding your eyebrow may look like a disaster or a procedure gone wrong. However, it is normal after the result of brow embroidery. The unevenness in colour is a normal part of the healing process since our skin may recover at a different speed. Hence there is a disparity and imbalance in the tone/colour of the skin. The process for eyebrow embroidery is only quick. However, the result can be semi-permanent. Knowing the fundamentals of the procedure will help you understand the effects and aftercare needed to prolong and maximise the effect of microblading. Visit Lebellbrow Studio for more info about our eyebrow embroidery price and other services.

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