Get the Gifts That You Truly Value


If you want to celebrate Christmas and New Year without stress and avoid excessive spending, you need to start thinking about gifts to your loved ones in October.

Because stress and haste are far from the best advisers in money matters. In addition, from a purely mathematical point of view, it is much more profitable to allocate the upcoming spending on Christmas gifts for three months – October, November and December, so as not to be in the financial hole, buying everything you need in December, when you will already be waiting for additional expenses for holiday table and entertainment.

There are practical aspects to buying gifts in advance – usually in October, shopping centers, online stores and publishers offer good discounts. In turn, if you decide to order Christmas gifts in one of the foreign online stores, for example, on or any other foreign websites, then the term of free delivery to the nearest post office, as a rule, is two months. That is the amount of time left to receive the package before Christmas.

Gifts on order

In order to manage to get them before Christmas, you can still order individual gifts from the best Latvian and foreign masters. In addition, you are mistaken if you think that local craftsmen offer exclusively wooden crafts or knitted woolen socks. In addition to them, there are exquisite jewelry, stylish clothes, and a variety of accessories.

Magazine Subscription

Printed magazines are becoming an increasingly exclusive product, but that is what a real gift should be. In October, a subscription for the next year opens and until about October 16-20, the largest Latvian publishers usually spend the so-called “happy weeks”, offering a subscription to almost all magazines at the best price.

Discounts in stores

In October, a variety of promotions with decent discounts and “hot” prices are held in bookstores. It’s not always worth trying to catch up with fashion and buy a book as a gift that was published just yesterday. No less valuable gift will be a book by some Latvian or foreign author, published, for example, last year. In addition, now, most likely, it can already be bought at a discount.

Very soon, large seasonal sales will also begin in clothing stores and household goods. Here you can also find some warm and pleasant gift for your heart, for example, a cozy scarf, plaid or a thermos mug. You can gift the  american express gift card as well for the same.

DIY gifts

To receive a handmade gift is doubly pleasant. There are a large number of gifts that you can make with your own hands, and many of them are not so complicated – hand-painted mugs, hand-made jewelry, accessories, soap, photo frames and much more. Typically, such gifts require more time, but they are also cheaper. If you plan to please your near and dear ones with handmade gifts, it’s time to start acting! And ideas can be gleaned on the internet with tons of information: homemade presents and homemade gifts. Best idea would be wrapping a gift box, and send it using.




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