Futures Betting Explained – How To Bet On Futures?


Futures bets can be placed on events like who will win the title or who will win MVP. These bets are based on longer-term outcomes and results typically settled after a tournament or season.

Futures Betting: How It Works?

Futures betting odds may open before the start of a season. You can also take bets throughout the season. Bookmakers adjust those odds in response to season results, injuries, and trades.

No matter what happens during the schedule or how sportsbooks adjust futures odds later, the odds that the futures bet were placed at remain unchanged for the bettor.

How To Read Futures Odds?

The list format of AFL futures odds shows each option along with its odds. These are ranked in order of highest chance to win to lowest.

The odds calculator allows you to calculate the implied probability of your future bet and potential payouts.

Futures Bet Payouts

Futures bets have odds, and these odds have an implied chance of success. The implied probability is lower, meaning there is a smaller chance of success and, therefore, a smaller potential payout.

Futures bets with a lower implied probability of winning will have a greater chance of losing, but the potential payout is higher.

When Will You Be Paid For Futures Betting?

Futures bets will only be paid after the event or occurrence is completed and graded. Futures bets on the championship results often pay out shortly after the winner is determined. Some futures, such as Over/Under season win numbers, will be paid when the regular season end, even though the bet was placed before the last game on the schedule.

Where Can I Place Futures Bets?

Futures bets can be placed at any online casino or sportsbook. You can find the best futures bets by shopping around.

Futures Bets Have Many Advantages

Futures betting are gaining popularity, particularly among casual bettors. These are some of the benefits of betting on futures markets.

  • Futures odds can often provide a plus-money return so that you win more than what you wager.
  • You can place many future bets throughout the season. This means you don’t have to limit when you can place bets.
  • Futures bets can vary from book to book, so it’s worth shopping around to find the best odds.

Futures Betting Strategy

The best strategy for futures betting is:

  • When talented players or teams aren’t performing up to their potential, especially early in the season, it is called “buying low.”
  • These struggles often lead to an overreaction, which can cause their futures to change and offer a better payout. Those difficulties are often temporary, and talent takes control, leading to the team’s ability to overcome their problems and perform at their highest level.
  • Although the futures markets are the same at different sportsbooks, the odds can vary between operators. You have the option of betting at multiple sportsbooks. Compare the odds to find the one that offers the highest return on your future bets.


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