Four Practical Things To Do After You Get Your Engagement Ring  


Planning an engagement ring party may be a tempting option, but instead, getting your precious diamond insured perhaps can be the next best thing. So, what should you do? Worry not, because, in this article, we share the three most practical things to do right after getting your fingers on wedding rings.

1. Get it Sized  

Although a platinum ring is the most durable for handling regular wear and tear, the stone (centrepiece) may break, or excess buildup can also diminish the stone’s brilliance. So, follow the safety precautions depending on your activity. If you are a carefree soul, then you should consider the risks of slipping it off when showering or cooking.

That is why it is very important to get your ring sized correctly. If you are on this page and didn’t yet get your engagement ring now is the time to read this article . Guys, in particular, will find it more useful, no doubt about that. 

2. Get it insured

An engagement ring is a sentimental item, and losing the stone or getting your special piece stolen can be most heartbreaking. That is why it is essential to get your ring insured. Not all jewellers provide full insurance coverage, and you need proper protection depending on the sentimental value and your lifestyle. 

These days, independent companies provide engagement rings insurance policy for specific damage coverage. You can get this insurance, but you must consider some critical factors before choosing an extension to your homeowner’s policy. Sometimes an insurance extension hampers the homeowner’s insurance coverage. So, evaluate your insurance options by first understanding the premium costs and the type of damage coverage the company claims.

3. Get it Plated

Focus on your love, emotion, and devotion tied to your engagement ring and think about the heirloom tradition aspect. But these factors can never be the reasons for married couples not wearing their engagement ring. So, the wise decision is to get your ring plated with scratch-resistant treatment, and this includes a platinum ring; else, take proper care of it. 

If it is a diamond ring, you would want to invest in a good safe or perhaps, get a new vanity makeover. 

4. Celebrate 

Now that you know the top-three essential things to do after getting your engagement ring, so let’s not forget about celebrating and sharing. It wouldn’t be a crime to show off your engagement ring after all but this time take it outside of social media. If your friends didn’t give you a bachelorette party, don’t worry, invite them to your type of party and celebrate your ring. Most importantly, don’t forget about your man, and there are a million ways to show him your love and adoration. 


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