Original and Zestful Happy New Year 2021 Quotes That You Can Send to Everyone


One of the foremost or better say inevitable traditions of the new year festival is sending full of blessings and hopes happy new year wishes to all your kith and kin, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. As the occasion of the new year occurs only once in a year, people leave no stone unturned to make their loved ones feel super special and belonged.

What’s better than sending lovely and mirthful happy new year quotes to your special people and tell them how much they mean to you. Words can do wonders that even the most exorbitant and lavish gift fails to do. Moreover, a new year also exemplifies the rising of new opportunities, new beginnings, new relations, and new adventures. Therefore, by sending happy new year quotes to your dear ones, you can pray for prosperity and good luck in their lives.

Below, we have chalked out some of the most zingy and original new year quotes that you can utilize to wish your loved ones a happy new year!

  1. A very happy new year to all my near and dear ones. May this new year bring a lot of good luck, prosperity, peace, and thrill in your life.

  1. The bad times pass seamlessly when your loved ones are standing beside you. Even the good times pass terribly when no one is there to hold your hands. I wish a mirthful and full of blessings happy new year to all my loved ones!

  1. A new year comes and goes but the relations I have made with such wonderful people prevail all the time. Value relations more than occasions. Happy new year to everyone! God bless you with great health and wealth!

  1. May your future turns out to be as bright as the sun, as beautiful as the rose flower, and as tranquil as the peace in a temple. Happy new year to all my loved ones!

  1. The real joy of life lies not in the most luxurious things or the pleasures, it lies in the long-lasting relationships that share all highs and lows with you. May you all have a blissful happy new year!

  1. My one and only wish on this new year is that all my relations become more strong and beautiful than ever. For me, real wealth is all the relations I have in my life. Happy new year to all of you lovely guys!

  1. The biggest blessings you can have on the new year are a heart full of love, a dinner table packed with food and your loved ones, and enough resources to help the needy ones. Happy new year fellas!

  1. May the frisky vibes of the new year marinate you completely and you come out as a much happier person with the attitude of gratitude. Have an amazing happy new year 2021!

  1. My loved one’s presence in my life is all that matters to me. As long as you guys are with me, I can never feel the dearth of anything in my life. I love you all and happy new year!

  1. Surely, life is the amalgamation of good and terrible moments but I have felt rock bottom in life because of the support of my friends and family members. Happy new year and God bless you!

  1. May the blissful occasion of the new year help you to achieve all the future endeavors and make you a better person. Happy new year!

  1. Don’t let the seeds of vices consolidate their roots in your heart. Let the divine light of God enter in your life and fill it with new energy, great hopes, and immense gratitude.

We hope you like all the above stated inspirational quotes and new year wishes that are completely original and impossible to find anywhere on the web. Stop wasting your time, copy the best new year wishes, and send your loved ones all your love and affection with these new year wishes!

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