Four Pitfalls of User-Generated Content


One of the best and most reliable ways to encourage communication and interactions in your business website is through the use of user-generated content. The customers or clients who visit your site submit content concerning the business, which is then retained as part of the website content. The user-generated content also helps promote authenticity and usability on the website. However, like any other sector in the business, a little blunder could cost the website and the whole business a fortune. Therefore, strive to evade such pitfalls with the user-generated content to continue enjoying its benefits. Below are some of these pitfalls and how to evade them.

Using It for Personal Gain

A site that supports user-generated content promotes a platform where different people can share and exchange their thoughts. However, some people may use this platform for their gain. For instance, you could have a competitor promoting their goods and services in that channel, which could disadvantage your business. Therefore, come up with a system that will discourage such platforms. For instance, during webdesign, ask the designer to avoid features such as links that your competitors could post and use that against you.

Replying to Negative Comments

More often than not, as the business owner, you will spend most of your time online viewing the comments from other people. During this time, you may find some discouraging comments from either a customer or a client. The way through which you reply to such comments could make or break your reputation among the people. For this reason, try your best and wisely reply to every comment that may be posted by the people. For all the comments that you post on your own, avoid spam comments and offensive language as this will drive away from some customers.

Over-Relying On User-Generated Content

As mentioned above, user-generated content can be used as a method of marketing for your business. However, relying wholly on this method as the only means of marketing can end up causing more harm than good. Instead, use user-generated content as a boost to the already existing modes of marketing and not as the main mode. This way, you eliminate the chances of failing the business due to a lack of marketing.

Letting Conversations Fade

After having the conversations on the user-generated content thrive for a while, it may get to a point where even the active members no longer participate. At this time, it is your responsibility as the owner of the website to keep the conversation thriving. If the conversations were to end at this time, it would be hard to get them back on track. Therefore, brace yourself with new topics that you can discuss from time to time to keep the conversation running.

User-generated content is a common concept in digital marketing and content strategies. However, when done in the wrong way, it could end up causing more harm than good to the business. Use the information above to understand some of the pitfalls that you need to avoid when using user-generated content in your blog.

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