The reasons why Keto sweets do not harm your body


We all know the saying, “nobody is bitter about candy,” and most of us like now and then to savor a whim loaded with sugars. The problem is in those people who are obsessed with eating sweets daily and at all times with the excuse that the body asks for it, and that is that sweets can cause addiction. In many occasions, we suffer the impulse to eat sweets, and we usually blame it on the body’s need for them, since it asks us to. 

But this act is psychological and is known as addiction to sweets, something that we have to take into account and it happens. We must know that abuse of sweets cannot bring us anything good since in addition to being a food rich in empty calories can generate a dependence that can have physical consequences. That why we recommend you to try keto coconut cookies.

Although it can be taken at any time of the day, the nutritionist recommends choosing a piece as a dessert “because it is a fresh and pleasant way to close meals, but there are also many nutritional reasons to do so. The first is that we add fresh food and usually in the season to the main meals, adding, in turn, their vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. 

These nutrients are essential for our health and the fact of eating dessert fruit helps us reach the recommended daily doses. “Do you need more reasons? The consumption of artisan desserts is a pleasure and happiness since it leaves a formidable taste on the palate. But did you know that this delicious sweet dish also brings you many benefits which are of great importance to your body?

Jelly desserts

Agar-agar is an alga that is attributed to different beneficial health properties and that we can also use as a jelly in the kitchen.

To cook it we will add the agar agar powder (approximately 10 grams per liter) to the liquid that we want to curdle when it is still cold.

We will put on low heat and we will stir.

When it starts to boil, we will continue to stir slowly for one or two minutes.

We will put out the fire and we can serve in a container.

When it is at room temperature, which will still be liquid, we will store it in the fridge.

Baked apples

The apples in the oven can be prepared in a little more elegant way to be a desirable and very satisfying dessert.

We can fill the apples with nuts, grated coconut, grated orange peel, and bathe them in honey.

The result will be very aromatic and tasty apples.

Pears with spiced must

We can know the famous recipe of pears to wine, but in this case, we present a lighter and healthier recipe, suitable for abstemious.

Instead of boiling the pears in wine we will do it in the must (grape juice), to which we will add some spices to flavor: cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, ginger, etc.


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