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Likewise, a team may come in a bad shape, but it is an indigestible visitor. Figueirense was an example of this year. Cruzeiro was good both at home and away. Away from home the team was concerned with playing their offensive football, creating chances, regardless of crowd pressure and other factors.

Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Real Madrid are examples of teams that also seek to adopt their game philosophy both inside and outside the home. José Mourinho’s Inter and Corinthians de Tite were very difficult visitors to win, but by another characteristic. They closed too much, played for one ball or none (0x0 rules!) And then came to decide at home with everything. This type of posture is more used in knock-out competitions, and in a championship of running points the teams cannot be content to add just one point to each away game.

Recent matches:

This is a fact that we only take into account in specific confrontations, because in general they should not serve much as a basis. That’s because football teams change a lot from one year to the next, and this makes that team that hasn’t lost 5 games to their opponent completely different from the one they won. For the situs poker online asia sports betting, you need to consider these things.

Look at your team today. How many players are leaving and how many are going to join for the next season? What’s the use of my Rooster being undefeated against Cruzeiro in the last matches? If we do not reinforce each other and Cruzeiro comes with everything, the factors mentioned above will be much more relevant.

But as we said, in specific cases, recent clashes can help with a bet. See this example:

With two of the best teams in the world, it is difficult to know who will win a match. Notice how the numbers of wins, losses and draws are divided. In this case the statistics for a moneyline bet do not help us at all, but look at the number of matches with many goals. Since 2012, only one game has had less than 2.5, and that’s because she had 2 goals. Both scores hit ALL games.

With each passing year American Football wins more passionate fans in Brazil. As a result, television coverage is much higher, with a wide range of games. In the 2014 season, we had on ESPN all Thursday games (Thursday Night Football), several games on Sunday afternoon, the big games at 7 pm and all Sunday Night Football. Monday was closed with a flourish with Monday Night Football. In other words, from the 16 matches of the week, Brazilian TV passed at least 5. The channel Esporte Interativo also broadcast many other games.

  • Now in December the coverage was expanded with the College Football Bowls. 
  • It’s a lot of football.


The sport won many fans here in Brazilian lands precisely because of the emotion it reserves in their matches. Historical changes, sensational moves, great stars on the field. Each FA match is worth watching.

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