Factors to Consider When Choosing an Accident Attorney


Statistically, accidents happen all the time. And once you are involved in it, you could have a lot to deal with. From traumatic stress, pain endurance, to injury nursing a car accident can give you an overwhelming financial burden. Also, because of the need to pay hospital bills and damages, it could be an ordeal nightmare for most people especially if you dong have insurance cover. However, you can have peace of mind if you have the right legal advice, thanks to insurance companies. Although it could be your right as a law-abiding resident to contact an Oakland car accident lawyer when you’re involved in an accident, you need to find one that has a track record of success in order to secure a claim.

Things You Need to Look For In an Accident Attorney 

Legal charges

While searching for an injury lawyer, it is advisable to consider one who has clear fees. He/she should only charge you if he/she has won the case and you have been renumerated fairy. Considering a lawyer who charges for consultation and an hourly rate for his services could be very expensive. Additionally, you could lose money if he/she loses the lawsuit and you end up being the one at fault. Even worse, the insurer could deny your legitimate injury claim, should the attorney mislead or misrepresent you. The point here is, find an accident attorney that is experienced and affordable.

Specialty and experience

Finding a lawyer with experience and expertise in accident injury law is what you need for positive results when filing for a claim. It could be obvious for such a lawyer to be well- exposed to all tactics about personal injury cases. More so, lawyers with experience in personal injury law may have secured honesty among insurance companies so, proving to get affirmation for their client isn’t hard. 


Given that after the accident, you could be in the hospital recovering and very weak to move around, poor communication from your attorney could mean insufficient information related to your injury claim. Such could result in a stressful mind, mainly regarding legal costs, enumeration estimates, and case value. A good accident lawyer is one who regularly updates you on the details of your case including the estimated claim amount, the documentation provided as well as the status of your case. Besides, you will eventually pay for the services offered, so find value for your money. 

Ask for referrals 

It could be a smart move to know the credibility of the attorney you want to handle your case before hiring him/her to represent you. Although it could be obvious, for a lawyer with experience to offer you the best service, inquiring about past cases won’t cost a thing. Instead, you could earn surety that your attorney won’t mess up your case. Besides, through many answered queries and referrals from different people, you could be sure to get an experienced attorney who has built a good reputation and who can make sure your claim is a success. 


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