When it comes to purchasing a new house, it is easy to get excited by a new property only to realize that it is not precisely what you wanted when it comes to convenience. Many people prefer to look for houses within the vicinity of their workplaces or schools or shopping centers. While everyone has their priorities in looking for a home, here are some essential things that are worth examining before you finally purchase a movoto home.

The location

When buying a house, consider the location and if it suits your convenience. You may prefer near your workplace near your family’s or friend’s residence. For some people who have kids or who intend to have kids in the future, they prefer locations within the vicinity of a good school.

When examining the location, ensure it is accessible from the main road to avoid going through the hassle of driving through rough terrains before accessing the main road or taking too long to access the commuters. Check the traffic flow also and see if you are ready to face what it brings. It would be advisable to pick a location accessible via many different routes from the city in case of bad traffic jams.

It is also vital to check the location within the neighborhood. Some people prefer to be near the neighborhood’s entryway while others prefer to be far inside the community. Either way, remember to check that to avoid regrets after closing the deal on your new home.

The number of bedrooms

Every family always have an idea of the number of bedrooms they want for their dream home depending on the family size. Some people like their kids to have different bedrooms, while others would be comfortable with the kids sharing the bedroom.

While considering the number of bedrooms, remember that having an extra bedroom comes in handy for guests or a storeroom for junk or a kids’ playroom.

The size of the house

While many people already know the number of bedrooms they want in their dream home, very few consider the house’s space. You may find that some houses within the same community do not sit in the same land size in some cases. Check the land’s size and dimensions in which the property is and compare it with any other vacant houses within the neighborhood.

For instance, you could find a property that sits in two lots. Ask your realtor about the extra lot-if it is in the sale or its not. If yes, you could consider creating a workshop in your home or selling it.

Also, ensure you don’t buy an unnecessarily big house that you will want to sell after a few years. A big house means more expenses and more utility bills, so be careful to choose a house you will be comfortable maintaining to avoid downsizing after a few years. Selling your home after a few years will not give you the resale value since the property didn’t have enough time to appreciate it.

The age of the house

The age of the house is as essential when buying a house like any other thing. Ask the owner or your realtor about the house’s age or ask the home inspector to give you an estimate. That is important in determining the expenses you will incur with the house. Some old houses are strong but remember, they require a lot of maintenance here and there from time to time.

On the other hand, a new house may appear beautiful, but it can be difficult to tell if the building materials used are quality. It takes some time for a house to manifest its quality, which is hard to tell when it is new. So when looking forward to purchasing an old house, be prepared for more repairs, renovations, and improvements. If it is a new one, you cannot be sure of the building’s quality unless after a couple of years. Consulting with your realtor will help you examine all this information.

The condition of the appliances

When buying a new house, hire a home inspector to check the condition of the appliances. Do not assume the appliances are working just fine buy looking at them or doing some minor tests. Appliances do not come cheap. They are expensive to replace, so take time to estimate their age and condition through a home inspector’s help.

Also, do not assume that all the appliances are in the sale. Ensure you check the property listing to know what appliance is part of the sale and which one is not.If the appliances are not in good condition, renegotiate the offer with the seller.

Consider the seller’s incentive to sell

The seller’s incentive is crucial if you want to get a house at the best deal in the market. For instance, some sellers already have second homes and do not care how long the property stays on the market and will not renegotiate the price. If you get a seller who is in a hurry to relocate, you may be lucky to get a good deal since he/she is in a hurry to sell the house.

So, ask your realtor about the seller’s motivation to sell the house to determine which one you are most likely to get at a good deal. He/she will help you determine how motivated the seller might be and how to negotiate to get the best price.

The neighborhood

Consider the neighborhood you want to buy a house in. Stroll through the area and see how it feels. If you find anything that makes you feel uneasy, reconsider buying a home in that location—research through online searches about the neighborhood. Also, try talking to the neighbors and find out how the neighborhood is like. You don’t want to move into an area that has high crime rates.


When looking for a new home, you should be careful and make the essential considerations to get a home that will make you satisfied and happy. Stay focused on your priorities and take time to do a comprehensive search. Also, remember to do more research about the real estate market and consider your realtor’s knowledge.



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