Dealing with domestic violence in your Utah divorce


Ending your marriage is a drastic step, and your spouse may react in ways you didn’t expect. If you suffered threat to your life and domestic violence in the marriage, your fears may amplify when you file for divorce. As per laws in Utah, domestic violence doesn’t merely refer to just physical harm, but also threats to cause physical harm. Until your divorce is finalized, you don’t want to live in fear or under threat, and for your own good, you must seek legal help. Consider talking to a Sandy domestic violence lawyer, to know your options. Depending on your circumstances, your attorney may obtain a protective order. 

Getting a protective order

If you have been harmed by your spouse before or after filing for divorce, or you believe that they can cause harm, you may contact your attorney to get a protective order. Your lawyer can get a temporary restraining order, which will provide further protections. The restraining order may state that the offender must stay away from you and your family, and cannot harm or threaten further, must not have any weapon. If there are minor kids involved, the court may pass an order, which will give you temporary custody of the kids. 

So, can a protective order prevent domestic violence? When it comes to domestic violence, harassers and abusers often don’t fear the consequences, but a protective order may restrain their action considerably. 

Hire a domestic violence attorney

Getting a restrainer order and protecting your family should be your first priority when you suspect imminent harm. A reliable and skilled family law attorney in Sandy can guide on taking things ahead. They won’t just get the order, but also enforce the same. If your spouse tries to further cause harm, your attorney can take other legal options. 

There’s one more reason why you may need a domestic violence attorney – To defend yourself against false allegations. There are many cases, where one spouse has alleged domestic violence, only to strengthen their custody and divorce battles. In such circumstances, you need an attorney, who can guide on your legal rights. 

Do not put up with domestic violence

There is no reason why you have to tolerate domestic violence. Contact an attorney for your divorce, and if you fear your spouse, or there was domestic violence involved in the marriage, let them know. Your attorney can ensure that your safety remains the top priority. 

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