Court Ordered Drug or Alcohol Evaluation


Drug and alcohol assessment, also known as DUI assessment, is an evaluation that helps to measure the degree of addiction an individual possesses. It even assists the evaluators in creating an effective treatment plan for the patient. There is no doubt that battling substance abuse may lead to severe or even fatal consequences because it causes damage to the body as well as the mind. Substance addict individuals always put themselves in dangerous situations.

Nonetheless, most people who reach them do away with helping and pass through them. But they need help. A substance addict needs to go through a substance evaluation test which may be conducted either by individual’s choice or court order. Nevertheless, if you know someone who needs evaluation, you can help the person by finding an expert for drug and alcohol assessment online. You will just need to search on Google DUI assessment near me.

Court Ordered Evaluation

When a person is arrested while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the court orders the individual for the substance abuse evaluation which is usually administered by a certified state agency. Nonetheless, there are several other circumstances in which a person may require a court-ordered drug or alcohol evaluation. The following are the circumstances:

  • Public intoxication.
  • Using a fake ID.
  • Minor in possession.
  • Disorderly conduct.
  • Arrested for possession of alcohol or drugs.

Purpose behind Evaluation

The substance abuse evaluation is conducted to identify the presence and extent of drug or alcohol in an individual. It helps the evaluator prepare an effective treatment plan to address the person’s specific problems. The followings are the purposes behind drug or alcohol assessment:

  • It helps determine if a person is drug or alcohol-addicted.
  • It helps assess the severity level of the substance use or addiction.
  • It is necessary to discover physical or mental problems.
  • It helps prepare the best possible treatment plan for the patient.


The substance abuse evaluation process includes two different sections; screening and assessment. A court-ordered drug or alcohol evaluation consists of a detailed interview regarding substance use, driving record, criminal history, and the arrest report. The substance abuser may also need to provide a substance urinalysis screening. Nonetheless, if you know someone who requires substance evaluation, you can help that person by finding alcohol assessment services online.


The purposes behind screening are:

  • To identify the specific type of substance.
  • To determine the length of time when the patient last consumed drugs or alcohol.
  • To determine the threat of substance use disorder.

Bottom Line

That’s all about court-ordered substance evaluation. However, if you know someone who requires substance evaluation, you can contact us on the behalf of that person to get top-notch alcohol and drug assessment services. We are a team of well-qualified and highly experienced experts who have helped many people with substance evaluation. The best thing about us is that our services are pretty affordable. So, please feel free to give us a call.

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