CBD Tincture vs. CBD Edible


One of the most popular forms of hemp on the market today is the CBD tincture. Once people understand how they work and just how efficient that they are compared to other forms of CBD they try it out, and continue to prefer tinctures to anything else. However, if you put CBD tinctures side by side with CBD edibles and compare them, you can definitely see where some people would much rather have an edible than a tincture. Want to know why? Keep reading.

CBD Tinctures In General

There are a lot of misconceptions about what tinctures are and how they are made. Tinctures are designed so that the user can take a couple of drops of the liquid and place them directly under the tongue so that the user can enjoy the effects that CBD has to offer almost instantaneously.

The only way to get substances into your bloodstream faster than allowing them to absorb into the veins under the tongue is to smoke them or inject them. Nobody in their right mind would inject CBD into their veins. Although many people around the world enjoy smoking marijuana, it is different altogether when you smoke hemp. Not many people smoke hemp just so they can feel the effects of the CBD. However, people do use CBD for various reasons and most of the time when people use CBD they would prefer to enjoy the benefits quickly.

CBD Edibles

There are tons of different types of CBD edibles. From chocolate chip cookies to Holiday Turkey recipes, and everything in between. CBD can be enjoyed in a large variety of foods, drinks, and candies. However, other than the taste, is it any good?

Whenever you ingest a substance through the mouth then chew it up and have it go through the digestive system it has to go through a series of changes before it can be introduced into the bloodstream and used in the body.

Whenever you take a pill for a headache or whatever reason for the pill, you can expect that it will take at least 30 minutes before the effects of that pill will become a reality. In most cases, it takes anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours for the effects of any substance taken through food will begin to happen.

Comparing Edibles and Tinctures

So we know that in order to properly use a tincture that you have to put a couple of drops under the tongue. If you swallow a couple of drops of a tincture, you will probably never feel it because it would have to go through the entire digestive system in order for the effects to take place. In an event, putting a couple of drops under the tongue will hit the body much faster than most other ways. When you eat food that has been prepared with CBD it takes between 45 minutes and 120 minutes for the effects of the CBD to take place. 

CBD edibles taste good because they can be made out of virtually any snack that you could think of. The only taste that you experience is the taste of whatever the CBD is infused with. Tinctures, on the other hand, are typically earthy and pungent in taste. They do not have an attractive flavor to them.

If you weigh out which is worse, bad taste or long wait times you can come up with your own personal preference based on what your needs are. If you need to experience your CBD without the taste of hemp oil and dirt, you would probably get more out of eating a delicious edible.

However, if you would rather get the most out of your CBD in a way that will allow you for the highest bioavailability rate, you would benefit much more from using a tincture.

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