Beat Your Opponent in Rummy Games with These Simple Techniques


Rummy games have always been fun. Rummy Lovers in India just need an excuse to enjoy their favourite card game online or offline. However, playing rummy is one thing and winning it is quite another thing. Most people understand how to play the game but fail to grasp the winning techniques. Here we share some simple strategies that will help you not just play the game but also win it.

Arrange the cards in a proper fashion

One of the crucial steps for a winning hand is arranging the cards in the right order. A good player understands the significance of arranging cards in the right order. He understands that an organised hand leads to better visual memory. That is why he will make it a point to arrange all waste cards to one end of the hand. These are cards that need to be disposed at the first opportunity. To the other end, this player will arrange all jokers and pulled-out jokers. These are bonus cards that help to finish the hand in rummy card games sooner. The main visual focus of the player is usually at the centre of the hand. That is why this is the area where you play the cards in action. This means you arrange cards that may form a sequence or set at the centre.

Know the Significance of Each Card in the Hand

A player can never succeed in Indian Rummy card games if he does not understand the significance of each card in his hand. As a good rummy player, you should be able to grasp the significance of each card in your hand. You should know how one card maybe used to complete sequences or melds. You should also be able to identify the cards that do not fit into any sequence or meld. Knowing this helps you dispose such cards and get useful cards instead.

Understand What the Opponent Plans to Do

Just like you, the opponent is also planning each of his moves. You are a skilled rummy player if you are able to understand the opponent’s plans. You need to gauge each move of the opponent and plan your moves accordingly. This is important because otherwise you may end up disposing cards that the opponent needs. This will ensure you lose the game sooner.

Each card that the opponent disposes shares a message. When the opponent disposes low point cards, it could imply that he is close to completion of his hand. When an opponent disposes off a joker, I could imply that he is having difficulty completing his pure sequence.

Know When It Is Wise to Quit

Points matter a lot in each round of series rummy card games. Players can choose first drop to quit the game right at the start. They can choose second drop when they have to quit later in the game. Good players do not hesitate to take first drop and second drop options. They try to assess the points they lose by quitting against the points they lose by playing. This helps them decide whether to play or quit. Choosing first drop and second drop helps these players have lesser points at the end of the series ensuring their win.

Always Focus on Reducing Points

It is important to reduce the total points in your hands. In all series rummy card games, your victory greatly depends on how you manage points in your hand. Good players are the ones who constantly reduce points in their hands. This ensures that even when any player completes his hand, you have minimum points. You have higher chances of winning in this case.

Learn Rummy Lessons from Each Game

Bad players are the ones who get dejected when they lose. Good players are the ones who observe why they lost in the first place. This assessment helps them alter their strategies. Over a period of time, you master the game of rummy if you are a good observer. You need to learn rummy lessons from each card game that you lose. This will pave a path for your victory in Indian rummy card games.

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