Arrangements for children after separation


Getting separated or divorced is for many a difficult process, even where children are not involved. It’s a stressful and upsetting time and there are many things that need to be arranged. You may have to move out of your family home, or it may even need to be sold. You have to separate all your finances and set out financial agreements both spouses are happy with, and when things can’t be agreed on you may even need to go to court. 

When there are also children to consider things can get even more complex. You will want to focus on getting the best long-term outcome for your children whilst at the same time making sure that this period won’t have a lasting negative impact on them. 

When the separation is amicable it is easier to reach an agreement with your ex on who will take care of the children, and how any other child-care matters are taken care of. However, all child agreements should be set out clearly to avoid any unnecessary disruption to your children’s lives down the line. If the split isn’t amicable you might need to go to court, or you might be able to reach a compromise agreement with the help of family law solicitors or a mediator. 

Family law solicitors can help you set out clear legally binding arrangements for any matters involving your children. 

Common orders and arrangements

Family law solicitors can help you set out: 

  • Residence orders – legally binding orders outlining where the children will live
  • Contact orders – legally binding orders outlining how much contact the parents will have with the children
  • Prohibited steps orders – legally binding orders preventing either parent from taking specific actions, such as taking them abroad
  • Specific issue orders – legally binding orders that help resolve a specific dispute, such as which school the children are to attend
  • Parental responsibility agreements – which protect your legal rights to be involved in decisions about a child’s health, welfare and education
  • Agreements on changing name – if either parent wants to change the child’s name an agreement can be set out for this
  • Agreements on international or national relocation – these agreements could help settle disputes about where the children should live

Even when you and your ex are on good terms, it may be beneficial to set out legally binding orders and agreements to safeguard both the parents and children from potential disagreements in the future. 

Family law solicitors Blackburn firm AWH handles the divorce and child agreements of many separating couples every year. Every divorce and every family is different, so it’s important to look at all the aspects that are of importance to you. 

When going through a divorce you will need the expert advice of experienced solicitors to help you through the process, so everything is dealt with quickly and with great care. Set your financial agreements and child arrangements out right from the beginning, and you will likely safe your family a lot of hassle later down the line. You may also take this time to update or write your Will and Power of Attorney, so using a solicitor which can handle all your legal matters in one place would benefit you. 


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