Are You Working With The Right Real Estate Agent?


Working with a good real estate agent is as important as buying the right house for yourself. After all, you would not want your real estate transactions, and the property buying experience to turn into a nightmare. If you’re not working with the right real estate agent, it most probably will.

The old ways of finding an agent have been replaced with easy to use real estate apps like Nobul.  They connect home buyers and sellers with the right real estate agent. These apps allow consumers to choose the agent who will best represent them in a home purchase.

If you miss the red flags in the beginning, you might end up working with an inexperienced, unprofessional agent, who will bring you more trouble than good.

Here are 4 signs that you are working with the wrong agent.

Rarely available

If your agent never turns up for showing you a property, keeps postponing the date and always ready with an excuse; treat it as a red flag.

A good agent is the one who gives time to the clients and participates in the property search with enthusiasm and zeal. Move on if your agent fails to do so.

Don’t reply in time

Good communication is essential to an agent-client relationship. If your agent doesn’t reply to your calls, and is never available for property visits, leave that agent.

Look for another one who is good at communication and proactively participates in every aspect of your real estate journey.

Pressure you

Some agents put pressure on their clients to buy a property the client isn’t very sure about, and convince them to sign documents in haste. They may also try to force the clients to pay a higher price for a property. If your agent does any of these things, drop the person. Your house is once in a lifetime investment, and you would not want to take wrong decisions in haste while making a purchase.

Resort to unfair means

Run if you see your agent resorting to unfair means for closing a deal, acting immorally to others, and lying to other clients. What they are doing to others, they will do to you.

Makes you uncomfortable

You will spend a lot of time with your real estate agent when you start looking for a property. If you’re uncomfortable with the agent’s behaviour and mannerisms, don’t move ahead with this person. Find an agent who makes you feel at home and comfortable. Someone who is always available and willing to participate in your real estate journey as joyfully as you do.

Digital real estate websites like Nobul and Zillow know all about the changing market. At Nobul, consumers can choose agents, get prices, and get analytics on everything from neighbourhoods to schools, all from the comfort of their homes.

Take time in searching for a good and trusted agent. It is quick and easy to find real estate agents and study their background on these PropTech platforms. Keep looking for the right match until you find one.

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