Tips for Choosing a Garage Door Repair Company in Glendale!


Garage doors are an integral part of homes and businesses. Whether you want assistance with your commercial garage door repair or are installing a new garage door system in your home, it is vital to make sure that the company you choose is the right one for the job. This article has some helpful tips to help when you are looking for garage door repair Glendale.


Certification is one of the important details you must consider when choosing a professional to handle your garage door project. Garage doors are mechanical equipment that uses electricity and has parts under high tension. Technicians working safely within industry standards is what certifications are all about. So, when you are looking for a garage door service, look for certified garage door companies with accreditations from associations in the industry, such as the International Door Association (IDA). Being accredited by this association guarantees that a garage door company commits to customer satisfaction, complies with safety regulations, and conducts business responsibly. Certified garage door technicians keep their skills fresh and updated and have training in the industry’s up-to-date trends and techniques, leading to a higher level of professionalism.

Years of Experience

When checking out a garage door company’s details, make sure to see what their history is like. How long have they been in business? Garage door installation and repair require specialized skills, tools, and experience. A garage door repair company backed with years of experience will have technicians with extensive knowledge, training, and exposure to the different types of garage door repairs. It is advisable to find a company specializing in garage doors rather than a contractor that offers garage service. Professionals in garage doors have the right tools and equipment and understand the mechanism used in different types of garage doors. Having handled many projects in the past, a seasoned garage door technician can carry out your repairs quickly and efficiently, saving you both time and money.

Warranty and Insurance

Established garage door repair companies always use high-quality doors and components with a manufacturer warranty. You should ask if a garage door repair service has a warranty for both their parts and services. Why is this important? Some companies only guarantee the replacement of faulty parts covered by the manufacturer warranty but may charge you for the labor. When scouting for potential contractors, look for one that goes beyond the manufacturer warranty and offers a satisfaction guarantee on workmanship as well. Another thing to consider is if the repair company is insured. An insurance policy will guarantee the safety of both the technicians and your property if an accident happens during the process of installing or repairing your garage door.

Customer Satisfaction

Finally, do not underestimate the value of customer service. When inquiring, ask the company if they have references or testimonials from past customers or previous projects that you can look at. Reviews of earlier customers say so much about a garage door company’s work ethics. A reliable garage door company can come quickly for emergency garage door repair and make follow-up calls after the installation or repair to ensure the customer is satisfied with the service. Sites like Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List offer reviews left by real people who have used such services before. Look for online reviews for any garage door repair company on your list and choose the companies with many positive reviews and a high average rating.


You want your garage door to get fixed as soon as possible, but don’t jump at the first company that gives you an estimate. It is wise to get estimates from at least three companies to understand how much a particular repair service costs. You can get quotes quickly by merely calling the company. Watch out for companies with estimates that sound too good to be true. Scammers would reel in customers by offering a low initial bid but later charge you unnecessary fees.

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