Solvent Trap Tubes are passageways for cleaning solvents to pass through from the barrel of the gun when cleaning to filter debris and to avoid a mess.

As the solvent trap kit’s main body, the solvent trap tube when combined with a thread mount allows for you to attach it to a gun barrel. Most solvent trap tubes are made from high-grade stainless steel or titanium, and some others are made from aluminum. Any of these can be used so long as it performs the function of properly trapping solvent when attached to a gun barrel for cleaning.

Solvent trap tubes are functionally designed to fit the end caps and thread mounts perfectly. They can be customized to fit your need, but solvent trap tubes are created with a sleek and functional design by default, especially if you purchase a solvent trap kit from Armory Den.

What Are Solvent Trap Tubes Used For

If you are a budding firearm enthusiast, you may find that your new firearm is shining, and you do not see the need to clean the firearm. However, you do not know that without proper cleaning and internal servicing, the firearm is a disaster waiting to happen. Just because a firearm looks clean, doesn’t mean it is clean where it counts, or that it is properly lubricated as to minimize damage and wear during use.

Any veteran firearms owner knows that the importance of proper firearm maintenance cannot be overemphasized. Regardless of this, the problem of an unavoidable mess, environmental hazard, and unplanned expenses will definitely come from cleaning.

Firearm Cleaning Solvents are expensive and hard to contain. The traditional means of cleaning the gun was either to do the firearm cleaning on a large bowl or to create a DIY solvent trap tube. Obviously, this does not work as the smell of the cleaning solvents can be very nauseating. Therefore, solvent trap tubes are used to;

  1. Contain cleaning solvent
  2. Direct cleaning solvent
  3. Transport cleaning solvent

1. Contain Cleaning Solvent:

Firearm enthusiasts and users do not have so much of an issue with cleaning with solvents, except that the National Association of Housewives has sworn an oath to throw a tantrum that is worse than the ticking time bomb of an un-cleaned barrel.

This is where Solvent trap tubes come into play. They are specifically designed to tightly fit the firearm’s barrel in a way that contains the nauseating smell that follows the cleaning process.

2. Direct Cleaning Solvent:

The traditional cleaning process was inefficient because the cleaning solvent spilled everywhere and made a mess during and after the procedure. However, with solvent trap tubes, the case is different. The firearm user can effectively direct the cleaning solvent to the caps attached to the end of the tube without fear of making a mess.

This allows for less wastage, less mess, and less time dedicated to the cleanup of the area after the firearm cleaning process is finished.

3. Transport Cleaning Solvent:

We at Armory Den understand that there are various cleaning solvent chemicals used to treat the firearm. Many of our den dealers and armory den clients would want to safely and separately transport each of these liquids.

The Solvent trap tube design is such that there are solvent trap cups that fit inside, finally there is a sealed end cap and thread mount, which allows for the cleaning solvent to be saved securely. The thread mount and sealed end cap are tightly sealed to prevent spillage during transportation from one area to another.

Spacer Tubes For Solvent Traps

All Spacer tubes are manufactured from unfinished, raw material that is lightweight and are made specifically for the solvent trap tube that are to be used in. Please be aware that modification of solvent trap tubes without an approved Form 1/Tax Stamp could likely be considered a felony, so, therefore, it is essential for firearm enthusiasts and Den Dealers to follow all NFA laws.


Solvent trap tubes are originally designed without serial numbers specifically to catch cleaning solvents. They are not to be used to silence, muffle or diminish the report of a portable firearm (Per the Gun Control Act of 1968). They can be purchased without a Form 1 for cleaning purposes only. Any further modification can become a BATF violation and need a returned and approved Form 1 before the change can be commenced. It is critical to comply with all NFA laws to avoid legal implications. For more information, kindly visit armoryden.com to purchase your high-grade lightweight Solvent Trap Tubes, Today!

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