6 reasons why it is very much safe to stay in hotels during the pandemic trips


If you are planning to visit the city of Munnar for any of the purposes during the COVID-19 pandemic scenario then there is no need to worry because there are several kinds of hotels that are considered to be the best possible accommodation options so that safety levels are given a great boost. According to the WHO and some of the researcher’s, hotels are considered to be one of the best possible places to stay if the people are interested to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic scenario because hotels are normally very well ventilated, hygienic spaces and are following all kinds of precautions which ultimately helps in reducing the chances of COVID infection. The hotel rooms come with different kinds of provisions of good ventilation which is one of the most important reasons why they are considered to be a good option for staying. Hence, planning your stay at the Club Mahindra Munnar is a great idea because of the following reasons:

  1. The hotel rooms are very well ventilated: One of the most important reasons why people should prefer hotels as an accommodation option when travelling in a COVID scenario is that there are very well ventilated and are very much safe in comparison to the closed options. The hotels are always following different kinds of precautions like social distancing, good hand hygiene and wearing of masks. The ventilation will always help in ensuring that there will be proper air circulation that will help the people to avail the advantages of proper breathing and the best part is that it will always help in filling the room with fresh air from outside and will ensure that right kind of activities will be undertaken by the people.
  2. There will be the right kind of hygiene standards: Whenever it comes to the concept of safety and peace of mind of the people the hotels never leave any kind of stones unturned. Hence, the hotels are very much safe because they are into the monitoring of auto safety levels through different kinds of standards, thermal screening, luggage disinfection, frequent cleaning, sanitisation of the rooms, housekeeping, dining area and several other kinds of things so that guests can enjoy a perfect and safe stay over there.
  3. The rooms and common areas are very well sanitised: Another very important reason why you should plan your stay in the hotels only is that the rooms and common areas of the hotels are very well sanitised and the hotel authorities always make sure that everything will be very much clean as well as disinfected before the check-in and after the checkout of the guests. The frequent cleaning and sanitisation will always help in making sure that safety levels will be given a great boost and the best part is that hotel authorities will always use the hospital grade products that will help in enhancing the protection levels. So, this is another very important reason why you should plan your stay in the hotels only.
  4. There are proper precautions by the staff: Another very important reason why you should go with the option of planning your stay in a hotel is that the hotel staff pays proper attention to different kinds of precautions like wearing gloves and masks, washing or sanitising their hands perfectly, regularly sanitising the things before touching anything like keys on the key slot, carrying the food, beverage tray and several other kinds of things to enhance the safety levels and ensure that none of the guests gets any kind of infection through them. Another add on advantage is that hotels are coming up with the option of in-room food service so that people never face any kind of issues and the movement has been minimised to further make sure that multiple advantages are enjoyed.
  5. There will be contactless check-in: Another very important reason why people should go with the option of staying in the hotels is that hotels come with a contactless check-in process which will further make sure that time spent at the front desk will be minimised and human contact will also be minimised up to a greater extent than will help in ensuring proper safety as well as peace of mind. People can even indulge in the online booking of rooms with few clicks and they can also depend upon utilisation of the applications for rescheduling or cancellation of stay in a very hassle-free manner. The check-in process can even be completed online and people simply need to collect the room keys from the counter and they can directly enter the room without any kind of hassle. Hence, the comfort and convenience are given a great boost along with the presence of a higher level of safety.
  6. Hotels come with an in-room dining facility: Dining in the restaurant or dining area of the hotel can be risky which is the main reason that hotels have come up with a new policy which is in-room dining facility so that contactless dining experience can be provided to the people and they can enjoy the privacy element as well. In all such cases, people can enjoy the best quality time with their loved ones and to further make the process very much smooth menu cards are present in every room so that people can simply call the housekeeping and place the order without any kind of contact. The staff even sanitises their hands before serving the meals and they will leave the order outside so that you can come and pick it up to ensure contactless delivery of the food.

Apart from all the above-mentioned reasons the hotel authorities also maintain proper social distancing norms and help in making sure that different kinds of markings and sufficient distance will be followed. This will guarantee minimal interaction with the housekeeping so that people can avail the advantages of maximum safety. Hence, whenever the individuals are interested to enjoy a very pleasant stay then they must book the room and Club Mahindra Munnar because of all the above-mentioned reasons.

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