5 Top Dog Paint by Number Tips


Dog paint by number is unquestionably one of the most relaxing and amazing artistic hobbies. It is one of the best ways to start and learn painting. Even if you are not aware of how to do painting but love to do, then you should try this type of painting. It let you paint a beautiful and fantastic painting without getting several years of art classes and without becoming an expert or a professional. Many people enjoy painting by numbers and take it as a hobby and are enjoying it for years. So in this guide of paint by number tips, we have compiled some of the great tips that can help you to produce a really pretty painting without even joining art classes. Here is the list of these tips:

Choose the right kit:

The market is loaded with a broad range and variety of paint by number kits available. Some kits are mainly designed for learners and newbies, whereas some are purely for professionals and adults. Some are more difficult than other kits available in the market. So if you are experienced and have done this before and now looking for a real challenge of painting, then you should go for that complex piece of landscape with a lot of details or even sometimes that oil paint by number kit.

So if you are at a beginner level and wants to start this kind of painting for the very first, then you should stick to the standard acrylic kits. The standard acrylic kits are cheaper and come in a wide variety of simple designs, such as:

  • Still-lifes
  • Colourful fantasy paintings
  • Dogs
  • Unicorn
  • Cats
  • Horses
  • Other animal portraits

Get the right supplies:

A good paint by numbers kit is equipped with each and everything you will need to make your masterpiece. This is the reason why it is such an effortless and budget-friendly artistic hobby. But you will surely require some extra items and tools that you may already have lying around the house. These items are:

  • A palette
  • A clear cup for washing the brushes while colouring and switching colours
  • Rags for wiping your brush gently after you wash the brush

These things are required to keep your paints and the area where you are performing this task clean and clear.

Take your time:

Paint by number kit can offer you several hours of relaxation and make you stress-free, so enjoy it for as long as you wish to do. Put on some interesting calming music and make yourself a drink, and find a calm place to start your painting. After finding out the best-relaxed place, start the process of painting, colour by colour, and step by step.  And if you ever get bored of painting a specific area or colour, simply switch to some other portion or colour as it is very satisfying and exciting to watch the picture while taking shape over the hours and week. Don’t rush.

Stay inside lines:

Your KG teacher was absolutely right at that time. Staying inside the lines while you are colouring is definitely to make the best results at the end. The more detailed and complex designs of paint by number can be quite challenging to complete. It can be done when you pay proper attention and use the right brush. It may cost you some extra dollars other than buying a kit, but it can last a very long time.

Be creative with the colours:

It is not necessary to stick with the colours labelled on the numbering sheet. If you add some yellows and white in your listing of colours, the final picture will look better. This is true because these colours give an original look to your painting. You will enjoy experimenting with colours and explore new ways of creativity.

So these five dog paint by number tips can help you to become an expert in painting.

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