5 Festival-Themed fundraisers for cheerleaders


Cheerleading provides many benefits for their members in terms of physical, mental, and social aspects. For kids, cheerleading promotes good health. Also, it can strengthen your bones, muscles, and heart through various aerobic activities.  Enjoy this list of themed fundraisers for cheerleaders.

However, most of the school experience fund deficits and cannot sustain the yearly support for the cheerleading programs. For this reason, members of the PTA are eager to search for practical fundraising activities to provide the essential needs of the children.  For the best fundraising ideas, check out Fundraising Zone.

In this article, we are going to discuss five practical festival-themed fundraising ideas for your cheering squad.

Haunted House

It is considered the scariest place during the Halloween season. Creating a haunted house inside your school provides a fun experience. Announce to everyone ahead of time about your plan through social media.

Setting up a haunted house is not an easy task; you need to bring lots of volunteers to help organize and finish the layout design of the creepy house. In this case, you can call all your cheering squads and the varsity players to help you set up the event.

Once the house is ready, you can open the haunted house to the public. You can demand a considerable amount for each customer. It is a sure way to generate constant cash flow for your school association.

Zombie Fun Run

This action is a perfect way to celebrate Halloween. It will give excitement to the kids in your community. Also, the parents will benefit too because it can provide much-needed exercise.

Inform the kids and parents to dress in their most scary Halloween costumes. You can charge an admission fee for each participant who wants to join the zombie fun run. Furthermore, to increase the excitement of the crowds, make sure you prepare fresh and exciting prizes.

To add a little twist in the event, dress your pep-squad team like a police uniform costume and try to catch some running zombie-like participants. Send each participant to a zombie jail and let their friends and families give some donation to set them free.

Sell some Pumpkins

Pumpkins are very popular during Fall. It is the best moment to sell those items to your community.

Together with pumpkin wholesalers, you can set up a booth in your school and sell those pumpkins during the Halloween event. Most of the parents are willing to buy from schools instead of getting from outside retailers. The reason is they know that you’re raising some charity funds for your cheering team. This simple trick can help their children’s cheering program for the entire year.

The total profit collected during this pumpkin event will go directly from the school’s non-profit group. You can raise a new collection using a pumpkin smash activity. Charge $5 to $10 per pumpkins and let your participant smash those pumpkins using a sledgehammer. This kind of idea is an excellent form of exercise, especially on the back muscles. Don’t forget to wear each participant a personal protective gear such as hand gloves and safety goggles.

Santa Fun Run

One of the best opportunities to collect funds for your non-profit group is through the Christmas season.

Host a Santa fun run and invite your community crowd to get some cardio exercise while raising funds for your school. Inform them to dress like Santa.

Ask each contestant to donate some money during the Santa Run. To raise more cash, you may ask some local companies to sponsor the gathering in exchange to promote their products during the fun run.

At the end of the event, provide medals and trophies for the top ten winners. You can organize this kind of activity once per year.

Build a Snowman

Form your students outside the school and host a snowman building contest. This form of activity will test the creative skills of the students.

To complete this event, you need judges from your faculty staff to determine the ultimate winner.

You can ask for any donations to join the snowman contest. To make the entire party even more exciting, provide very cool prizes. This simple technique can attract more contestants.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the fundraising ideas you can apply during the festival event in your community. They are simple but provide an effective way to support the daily needs of your cheerleading team.

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