4 Impressive fundraisers for cheerleaders


Are you looking for some fun and active cheerleading fundraising activities in your community? Do you need extra profitable income for your school’s organization?  If so, check out these fundraisers for cheerleaders.

Here, we are giving you four impressive crowd funding ideas to support the needs of your cheerleading squad. So, without further ado, let’s start checking those ideas and start working on them this year.  For the best fundraising ideas, check out Fundraising Zone.

Dance Lesson Fundraiser

Believe it or not, many of us would like to learn how to dance. Dancing provides so many benefits to our health. It helps you to:

  • Enhance your flexibility
  • Strengthen your muscle coordination
  • It helps you to improve your cardiovascular system

Together with your pep-squad team, provide a dance lesson at your school gym or an open field. You can arrange a dance lesson every weekend, or you can make this a one-time fundraising event.

To gain a profit from this event, you can either charge a set fee or create a video and sell a dance lesson program. It includes proper teaching and assisting the participants in dancing.

Each cheerleading individual can split up the profit if they execute the whole program properly. On the other hand, if your team works together as one, you can easily collect funds. These funds can be used in their future programs, such as travel expenses or new cheering uniforms.

Organize a Mini-Fashion Show Event

Arranging a mini-fashion show to your school can boost the excitement of young generations. It is because they can purchase the latest fashion dress with a very considerable amount.

To set-up this event, you need to make a deal first with your local clothing store. Inform them that you are planning to create a fashion show to raise some funds for your pep-squad. You can purchase various sets of clothes at a meager price.

There are several ways to collect money from the mini-fashion show. It includes:

  • Charging an entrance fee for each buyer
  • Additional cost for those who want to show their fashion dress using the stage ramp
  • Charge some money in exchange for foods and refreshment

Pet Wash Fundraising Event

Some pet owners are willing to pay lots of money to make their pets adequately washed and groomed. Take this opportunity to raise some funds and start to service the community pets.

Smelly domestic dogs need a bath. This action will keep them away from fleas and insects, which is very harmful not only to pets but also to human health. By doing this kind of service, you will make the people happy by offering your service to them at a considerable price.

To make extra funds, you can tell your cheerleaders to create a dance number to entertain the customers while waiting for their pets to get clean. Besides, try to purchase some pet accessories such as pet toys, collar, and training leashes. You can resell these items during the event. You can guarantee profit for this procedure.

Golf-Tournament Event

Arrange an annual golf tournament in your community. Every dad in the city will be eager to participate in this kind of event. It is the perfect moment to show and brag, who is the best golfer in town.

You can set up a deal with your local golf course in your city. Inform them that you are raising funds for the school benefits. Furthermore, you may contact local businesses to sponsor the event in exchange for free promotion of their products.

Charge an entrance fee for those who want to participate in the event. Make sure you prepare some awesome prizes and trophies for the winners. This action will keep them motivated and competitive throughout the tournament.

Bring your best cheerleading team along with your school mascots and perform some cheer dance numbers to entertain the golfers.

Take Away

These are some of the things you can do to raise funds for your cheerleading group. These activities can help you achieve the goals you set for the school.

We hope the fundraising as mentioned above ideas will be able to guide you to start a program for your non-profit organization. Your cheerleading group will be very thankful for all the efforts you bring to the team.

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