Why are carpet tiles best for commercial places?


Carpet tiles are the best option for flooring. For over 50 years carpet tiles for heavy traffic areas are the best choice. It appears original due to its durability, which can be retained for a long time. It can withstand heavy wear and tear. It is a stylish addition in the offices and other heavy traffic areas. Its color and texture must work together with other decorations of the room. Carpet rolls are heavy so that are difficult to install. But the carpet tiles are easy to install and much more versatile than carpet roll. These tiles are sturdy, inexpensive and easy to install in any shape of room. These carpet tiles are best choice for commercial places because:


Whenever we choose carpet tiles, we consider their durability. This is the primary reason for its installment in the offices or heavy traffic areas. These low-profile carpet tiles are comfortable to walk. It is also easy to clean because it needs a regular vacuum run on it. Its maintenance requires very low expenditures. It lowers stress when you have to replace the tiles. These tiles are helpful if something spilled on them. There is no need to waste time and money replacing small parts. It is easy to match individual tiles.


It is easy to install these tiles, no heavy machinery required to install these carpet tiles.  Their peeling and sticking, where you want, is much easier. Patterns can also be changed to suit your taste. These tiles can be fitted perfectly with no gaps. Its installation takes very little time. These tiles contain an adhesive back. Peel off the sheet from the adhesive part and install them by putting pressure on them. An arrow is also present on its back so that direction can be determined, where it has to be installed.


The pattern can be changed from any place. You can better mix them according to your taste. You can create a design by yourself. As if an office is tiled, you can make patterns of different types in different areas of office.  In front of couches you can make a central pattern of these tiles. You can change colors of tiles at different areas of the office. You may use a lighter color in the room and a darker color in entry ways. Patterns can also be changed with colors in highly traffic areas and lightly traffic areas.


Coverage can be partial or complete. Corners of the space can be filled by suitable shaped and sized tile. It is exactly like the traditional carpet roll but carpet knives are not required in this case. Wall to wall spread of carpet tile is like traditional carpet and even you cannot distinguish whether it is carpet roll or individual tiles squares fitted in each other in the best way. It can fit best in the edges of different shapes. These tiles can be installed in a partial area as an area rug. It gives a neat and clean look. Place a dozen or more squares under the chairs so that the floor can be protected from scratches. It makes a stylish and modern look to the office and provides protection.

Easy Maintenance

Every day these tiles can trap dust in its fibers so it needs regular maintenance. It can be vacuum treatment. Any spillage can be absorbed by a piece of towel followed by treatment of mild detergent solution scrubbing. These tiles can be placed on the damaged floor which cannot be repaired and a single tie can be replaced easily.

Visual Identification

If you are choosing carpet tiles, you may choose a special pattern of your business identification. This will reflect your office type and decoration of the room.

Environmental friendly

These tiles produce less waste, which reduces energy, money and time to wipe out the waste to landfills.

Efficiency in Cost

With a strong backing, tiles do not need an additional adhesion.  This property saves time and money. Their installation is also easy. As mentioned above, these tiles can be replaced individually and their replacement needs no heavy machinery. Their qualities are endless and drawbacks are less while it costs very low. These are affordable; this quality is one of the best qualities of these tiles.

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