What Works Will Your Office Reinstatement Contractor Carry Out?



Office reinstatement can be an abstract process that business owners are bound to encounter at some point in time. Beyond having the end goal of a bare office premise in mind, business owners usually are unclear about the types of works carried out by reinstatement contractors. To help remove the abstractness of the process, we have written this article to cover the most common works carried out during office reinstatement Singapore contractors. 

Removal of Electrical and Data Components

Most business owners like yourself would have installed extra electrical components during their tenancy. This would include:

  • Distribution board and junction boxes to grant power to various spaces within your office
  • Lighting points, power points, telephone points and data points to ensure that all desks have access to networks
  • Cable systems that enable electricity to be transferred in a net manner. Much of the cabling systems would be hidden from slight with cable management systems

By removing the various electrical and data components, the new tenant will be able to configure the electrical system to their needs. 

Removal of Plumbing Components

If you had installed additional pipelines to deliver water, gas or other liquids, then these will have to be removed. Commonly tenants would have installed pipes to deliver water to in-house water coolers or pipes that connect to air condition units to help remove heat from the premise. 

Furthermore, if you had chosen to disable the original plumbing system, then it will have to be restored during the reinstatement period. 

Removal of Furniture

Your reinstatement contractor will help to remove two types of furniture – built in and loose items.

Loose items include those of chairs, tables and couches that can be readily lifted and removed from the premise. Typically, in this category, bulky items like sofas may require special removal techniques to help shift them out of the office. Meanwhile smaller items like chairs should be shifted out with no major issues.

Built in items are much more tricky to remove. They include furniture such as cabinets, which are built into the walls of your space. A good reinstatement contractor will be able to skilfully extract the furniture without damaging your walls or flooring. Furthermore, any hinges, nut bolts or adhesives that had sealed your furniture to the structure will also be removed with minimal force. 

Removal of Partitions and False Ceilings

Partitions are commonly used to break up large spaces into smaller ones that are conducive to individuals to work in. In order to restore the space to its original form, the partitions will have to be hacked down. Depending on the thickness of the partitions and the type of material used, different hacking techniques will have to be used.

False ceilings are often commonly used to hide cable systems and host ceiling appliances such as projectors. Like partitions, false ceilings will also have to be removed. 


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