What to See and Where to Stay When Visiting Trinidad Colorado


Trinidad in Colorado is a very historic mining town along what is referred to as the Santa Fe Trail going through the Raton Pass. It is a great place to vacation and is on the main interstate highway that goes between New Mexico and Colorado. Since the selling of marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, tourism in the same area has picked up and they do have plenty to show off. This includes many buildings that have been preserved especially from the old west, including the famous Bloom Mansion that now houses the Trinidad History Museum.

Art galleries

Additionally, to this beautiful and rich architecture, Trinidad has numerous art galleries and is a center of Plein air artists. This is a form of open-air painting from the 19th century and is a central feature of French impressionism. Many travels visit to Trinidad to see and partake in this painting. The many art galleries in Trinidad host many local and traveling

Plenty to see and do

In other words, there is a lot to see and do in Trinidad. Because of this fact, many hotel in Trinidad Colorado has been remodeled to meet the needs of this new tourism that has boomed.


Trinidad also has the following:

  • All-ages recreation
  • Golf Course
  • Skate park
  • Water park

Surrounding area

Add to this the drive west along the Highway of Legends, a tourist can visit villages, explore the coal mining heritage of the region and take in the sights of the ancient Dakota Sandstone Formations.

Places to stay

Along the major highways into and out of this town, a motel in Trinidad Colorado is fairly easy to find as many new ones have sprung up as well as older ones have been remodeled.

Most well known

One enjoyable place to stay that is considering Trinidad’s finest hotel properties is known as Tower 64 which is snuggled among the scenic Colorado Mountains. This is an ultra-chic hotel that gives a traveler a relaxing getaway from the chaos that can often happen on vacations. Their primary focus is to provide reasonable accommodations at good prices. So, there are plenty of places to stay in Trinidad.

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