What To Do In Paros Next Summer


Paros is fast becoming one of the most popular Greek islands to visit as more people realise just how much this island has to offer. Paros is known for having interesting villages and stunning beaches and is located in the Aegean Sea along with the other Greek islands. While you can do the usual things you’d do on a beach holiday in Paros, you can also get up to a lot more.

Here, we are going to tell you all about what you should do in Paros if you are planning on taking a trip next summer. Keep reading to find out more about this island.

Rent A Villa

Before you even think about planning your activities in Paros, you need to think about where to stay. While there are plenty of amazing hotels that you can choose from, we advise that you look for a villa Paros based. With a villa, you can have your own space and really feel like you are at home in Paros. BlueVillas is a great example of a company that offers luxury villas on this island. Once you have your villa, you can spend some days of your trip relaxing in your private pool and take in the amazing views of the Aegean Sea.

Visit Lefkes

If you are someone who likes a bit of history when you travel then make sure to plan a trip to Lefkes on Paros. This is a medieval town that is small but very interesting to visit. In Lefkes, you can buy some local crafts such as pottery and jewellery and have some fun. The village looks a little like the other villages on this island but it definitely has something special about it. Make sure to find time for Lefkes and you won’t regret it next summer.

Try Some Watersports

If you are someone who likes to get out and try some watersports then Paros is the island for you. The best place to do this is on Golden beach as it is known as one of the best beaches on the island. You’ll find everything from wakeboarding to kayaking and windsurfing available and you’ll have a lot of fun while you’re there. Of course, if you are coming with someone who doesn’t want to get involved, there are also plenty of shops on Golden Beach that will keep them busy while you hit the waves.

Try The Food

When you visit Paros, you’ll probably find some restaurants that are serving the kind of food that you’ll find at home. While this can be comforting, there is so much more to offer in terms of food on this island. The Greek cuisine is known worldwide and you’ll be sure to find some great local food when you are there. We suggest trying the fresh octopus, baked chickpeas and fried cheese when you are there. You’ll love the food and be dying to come back to Paros to try more.

Visit Butterfly Valley

If you really want to see something amazing when you visit Paros in 2020 then you need to make sure that you are planning a trip to Butterfly Valley. This is exactly what it sounds like and once the butterflies and moths come out, you’ll see a stunning natural view. Butterfly Valley is located 5kn south of Parikia and it might also be referred to as Petaloudes. Make sure to plan a trip here and you’ll not regret it.

Visit Another Island

Our final tip for those who are planning a 2020 summer trip to Paros is to consider visiting another island while you are there. There are so many great Greek islands and some are reasonably close to Paros. Take Antiparos, for example, you can visit this small island by ferry and you should be able to do this easily enough. This island is quite laid back and even has some celebrity residents who you might spot around town when you visit. Take a look at some of the most popular Greek islands and see if you can slot in some time to visit them when you go.

Final Verdict

Paros is a great island and it could be your next summer holiday. This island has a great climate and there is so much to do for people of any age. If you are planning a trip to this island, make sure to consider everything that we have discussed here in this article. Think about visiting Lefkes, trying out some watersports and don’t forget to book your villa for some personal space.

Book your trip to Paros today and you will not regret it. Just take a look at some photographs of the island and you’ll see why.

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