What makes 2020 Chevrolet Sonic a Perfect Vehicle for Daily Use?


People looking for a small or entry level car for every day usage, can’t overlook Chevrolet Sonic 2020 model. Spending just a bit more than the basic model will offer people a vehicle which offers great performance when compared with other vehicle in the daily usage segment. When passing by Jacksonville Chevrolet dealers, you can go inside and have a look at this car to have a closer look at it.

For now, you can go through this car’s features to get an idea about why this vehicle is perfect for daily transportation.

Pricing of variants

Since this is a budget-friendly daily usage vehicle, it is better to check out its cost and different models available for it. The trims available for Sonic consist of LS, LT, and Premier series. The LS versions’ starting price is 17,595. The LT variants’ cost starts from$19,495. Finally, the high end model, Premier series starts from 21,595.

With turbocharged engine becoming standard option for all Chevrolet Sonic trims, it is recommended to opt for LT versions if one doesn’t want to spend over $20,000 on this everyday use vehicle. However, most people do choose the Premier trims as it offers abundance of features and price is not much higher than LT trims.

Engine, Fuel efficiency, performance, and more

As mentioned above, every Sonic is fitted with 1.4L turbocharged engine that generates 138 horsepower that is ideal for everyday relaxing drive. Moreover, the automatic transmission 6-speed is quicker and smoother than all of its previous manual versions. FWD drivetrain is standard and no other option is available.

Moreover, it is a quiet car that registers much less than 70 decibels when riding over 70 mph whereas its rivals are nowhere near this number, making it one of the best in this segment. Moreover, it takes around 8.5 seconds to reach 0-60mph, which means it is at par with its competitors.

Also, EPA estimates it to provide 26 mpg when in cities and 34 mpg when driven on highway. These numbers too are better than its rivals making it not just a comfortable car to drive everyday but also the most fuel efficient. Get more details from Chevy dealership Jacksonville.


Straightforward and simplistic design is what Chevrolet offers to owners of this vehicle. Though it is not fancy, the interior is made from quality materials and its hatchback style offers ample headroom for people. With rear seats folded, a person can fit over 15 carry-on suitcases, which is more than one would need when using it for everyday travelling.

7-inch display for infotainment is what one gets along with a simple but intuitive interface. For connectivity, Chevy has equipped this vehicle with smartphone integration, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, sound system, USB ports, etc. Along with this several safety features are also included to make it a safe car for everyday transportation.

After knowing about the details of this car, it is evident that why Chevrolet Sonic 2020 is deemed as the perfect car for daily usage. Just book one today and travel comfortably every day!

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