Tips to choose the best international preschool for your child


How to behave when you open enrollments for public schools? What to do? How to answer the thousand questions that come to mind? How can you recognize the best International preschool for your child? One of the best methods is open-days. Various public schools allow parents to get to know the school, the training offer and the teachers. Let’s not be satisfied with just seeing one school. Let’s choose at least a couple of names, list the best, and compare them.

What to ask the teachers

How many children are there, on average, in each class? Are the teachers tenured? If so, you have solved 70% of the doubts. Having tenured teachers who will accompany the child from first to fifth grade is very important. Are there any educational outings in the programming? If so, which ones? Is the canteen internal or external? You must not take these questions lightly, as they will be helpful to select the best preschool for your child. At this point we should be able to make a conscious choice.

What should we observe?

First of all, let’s take a good look at the building that houses the school and evaluate the following elements –

Parking: large enough to allow us to maneuver

Walls and ceilings: in good condition

Classrooms: large and bright

Outdoor area: large and sunny

Bathrooms: check cleanliness and hygiene

Dining room: check the capacity and ask how many children they will eat at the same time and on how many shifts. The building that houses the school should be in good condition.

Not all schools are equipped with them but in many there is the possibility of having children attend summer or school camps , with external personnel, during the Christmas holidays and summer holidays to meet the families where both parents work. It is good to know if the school we are about to choose carries out this type of service.

Open day: what is it?

There is an important tool to know the school for our child to attend: the open day. It is a day when the school remains open to meet new families and answer the many questions. Attend more than one open day. This will give you the opportunity to consciously choose the right school. In fact, according to the law on school autonomy, the educational offer of each school changes according to the orientation that the institution decides to choose: music, painting, chess courses, homework help courses or mini volleyball, music and singing lessons.

Participating in the opening days for parents is the only way we have to know in time the educational orientation of the chosen school. It is also an important time to ask questions and get answers. Talk to the teachers of the fifth grade, remembering that, if your child attends public school, there are school continuity projects that are carried out between kindergarten and primary school and between primary and secondary school. Also ask the teachers of the kindergarten if they have any child care training.

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