What is Needed to Pass an MOT?


If it’s almost time for your car’s MOT, you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure it passes with flying colours and that you won’t face any additional maintenance charges!

In this article, the team at CJ Auto Service, specialist providers of MOT’s in Warrington, explain how to keep track of the specific features and functions of your vehicle that will be checked during the test. This should help you to understand what it will need in order to pass.

What to Check

To be in with the best chance of passing your MOT, we highly recommend undertaking a few checks shortly before the test date. You’ll need to make sure your engine is off and cool before you start, and that your car is parked on a level surface.

Here is what you’ll need to look at:

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid levels should be between the “Min” and “Max” marks on the master cylinder, which can be found under your bonnet.

Oil Level

You’ll also find your oil dipstick under the bonnet. Pull it out and wipe it clean with an old cloth or rag, then reinsert the stick. You should then pull it out again and check it to make sure that the oil level is safely between the “Min” and “Max” markers.


You’ll need an interior, “far side” and “near side” mirror to pass your MOT – that’s three in total – and all of these should be intact, with nothing obscuring their reflections.


It’s important to make sure your windscreen is clean and that you can see through it perfectly. Cracks and chips should be dealt with immediately.

Tyre Tread

The minimum tread depth required in the UK is 1.6mm. Make sure that the tyres on your vehicle adhere to this regulation. If you are concerned that they don’t, get them checked. They may need to be changed.

Warning Lights

Make sure that no warning lights are showing. If you see one, check your vehicle’s handbook to find out what it is, then get the issue fixed fast!


Make sure that all of your lights are functioning properly and that there are no obstructions.


Of course, your horn needs to be working properly too – so be sure to check this.


Your number plates should be easily readable and your lights unobstructed, so make sure that these are perfectly clean before you take your car for its MOT.

It’s also good practice to clean your car inside and out before its MOT, though this won’t mean the difference between pass and fail.

If you are planning to book your MOT test in Warrington soon, don’t hesitate to contact CJ Auto Service on 01925 589 066 or by emailing reception@cjautoservice.co.uk.

We’ll be happy to discuss any questions we may have and book you in for an MOT at our Warrington garage.

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