Get Your Garden Ready for the Summer With Skip Hire Bolton


We’ve been falling in love with our outdoor spaces more and more in recent years, and, with summer just around the corner, many of us will wish to spend as much time outside as possible.

That’s why now is the perfect time to get to work pruning, potting, weeding and clearing the debris of previous months. In this article, Lostock Skips explains how you can use our skip hire Bolton services to make sure your garden is perfect just in time for the sunny weather.

Removing Natural Waste

Many people find that their green bin just isn’t big enough to handle the sheer amount of garden waste that is generated during a big outdoor overhaul.

It’s best not to burn the offcuts with which you are left after pruning, as fresh plant matter contains a lot of moisture and can be very smokey to burn – something that is both antisocial and bad for the environment.

What’s more, you may find that you have a big pile of damp dead leaves to dispose of, which can get very frustrating.

The best answer is to hire a skip. With sizes ranging between 2 and 40 cubic yards, the waste containers from Lostock Skips are ideal for projects of any size.

Disposing of Old Tools and Materials

Whether you’re getting rid of old paving stones, rusty shears or a wobbly wheelbarrow – or you’re planning to dismantle and replace your entire rickety shed – it may seem like a stressful trip to the skip is inevitable.

Transporting old, crumbling items can damage the interior of your vehicle – plus, the more waste you create, the more trips you’re likely to have to make!

Sitting in a queue for the tip for the third time in one day can be stressful and feel like a major waste of time – plus, the fuel you’re burning is a serious pollutant and can also really start burning a hole in your pocket.

A skip will allow you to place all of your old and unwanted items inside without having to stack them in your boot, and everything can be removed in one go.

Keeping Children and Pets Safe

Leaving garden waste lying around can be dangerous for neighbourhood pets or little ones in your household. Some plants, such as yew, hydrangeas and foxgloves are poisonous – plus, thorns, broken pots and other items of waste with sharp edges can cause serious injury.

A skip offers a safe, contained spot where you can place all of your garden rubbish without causing a potential hazard.

Reducing Stress and Mess

A big garden makeover can result in large piles of debris accumulating and making a big mess of what would otherwise be a beautiful garden. Working out what to do with it all can create a real headache.

We’ve already mentioned the stress of multiple trips to the skip, and, while you may be able to contact your local council to remove your garden waste, this can get very costly.

Lostock’s Skip Hire Bolton service allow you to completely clear your garden in one go with very little effort on your part. Simply make your booking and specify your date, pay in advance over the phone and your container will be delivered at the requested time.

Then all you need to do is fill up your skip and contact us when it’s ready to be removed. There’s nothing simpler.

Contact Lostock Skips today for further details.

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