What is an Uncontested Divorce?


The end of a marriage is not easy or simple. However, the couple has an option to reach an agreement and remain civil to avoid further hurting each other. This can lead to an easier way to deal with several things such as custody, time-sharing with kids, responsibilities to children, child support, alimony if any, property, and debt division. 
When these agreements are reached, there is no need to go to court and fight it out. You can file the necessary forms and detail the agreements on how you want to arrange custody for the kids, and divide the property and debts. 

Pros of an Uncontested Divorce in San Antonio:
This allows the spouse to end the marriage quietly with the lowest cost. Aside from that, both parties end on a good note with almost no conflict. It is a private and cooperative arrangement that can benefit the entire family. You can get more from your assets instead of spending more on a full divorce proceeding. 

Cons of an Uncontested Divorce:
One of the disadvantages of an uncontested divorce is when one spouse tends to abuse the other. This means that one spouse can be treated unfairly and forced to agree. If you are at a disadvantage, it is best to get a lawyer to help you through it. 

What do you need to know about uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is good if both parties can talk to each other without fighting. If every conversation ends in a shouting match, then contested divorce may be the one for you. If the sharing is not equal to one party being abused, then an uncontested divorce is not for you either. 

Why you should opt for an uncontested divorce?

Less Time Required:
Time is gold. An uncontested divorce takes up less time and there is no need to appear in court. It may take a while but you can save a lot of time and money during the entire process. This can also be helpful to settle peacefully especially if you have kids. 
Save Money:
Since this type of divorce is generally faster, then the costs are also lower than in a contested divorce. 
Keep Things Private:
Both parties can maintain peace and control over the entire situation. Since the couple can agree on things surrounding their divorce, it is easier to come up to a conclusion without having the need for a lot of parties involved. 
Handling Finances:
Regardless of the type of divorce, consulting advice from a professional can be helpful. Divorce can still cause some stress because it is a major life change. Hence, having someone work out the best arrangement for your finances will be very useful. 
Legal Presence:
While you can handle the uncontested divorce with minimum intervention from a lawyer, it is best to find one to look into the agreement that both parties have set up. Taylorlassen.com can help you get through an uncontested divorce in San Antonio with the least stress. They work through a client-approach and give appropriate solutions to resolve any issues left so that transitioning to a new chapter will not be as hard as it already might be. 

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