Main Reasons for Building Automation System in Commercial Building



Let’s start with some simple questions. How much would you prepare to pay for a personal car? What is your reason for paying this fee? What is the main difference between cheap cars and better cars? Is it only in speed and acceleration? Definitely not! We all know that the most important difference between cars is the safety and comfort they provide to their occupants, not necessarily their higher speed and acceleration. But in many cases, we forget this safety and comfort in buildings and only think about the area and location of the building! Now let’s see how we can take a different look at the building. What facilities can we use in buildings to provide comfort and well-being in addition to creating a safe and peaceful environment?

A building with a building automation system is usually a building in which special equipment with a particular structure is used to control and monitor the whole performance of the building. While the primary purpose of smart building automation systems is to achieve safety and security goals and optimize energy consumption. With the help of remote control technology, we can turn the devices on or off by mobile phones, tablets, and computers. This is while looking at controlling the equipment and adding some luxury features because these capabilities can be used as low-cost options that are easily accessible alongside the main goal and play a more significant role in creating an aesthetic sense of living environment and well-being.

The idea of ​​ building automation system is to prevent the occurrence of dangers and injuries that humans have not been able to deal with for centuries due to problems such as mental distress, lack of opportunity or sometimes even convenience. Every year, many homes of our fellow human beings are robbed or set on fire. Many have died from gas leaks and many such accidents, all of which can be controlled using the smart building automation system.

Features of building automation system

It is not wrong to consider the issue from another point of view. Critics who see building automation system as nothing more than a luxury feature, do their best to make the project a luxury. Precisely because in the design of the fireplace, different coatings for walls, ceilings and floors, the choice of expensive stones and tiles, luxurious and royal doors, so on. Spending is reasonable, spending on building automation system even if in terms of luxury and Fantasy looks at it, it makes perfect sense. We all enjoy having the most beautiful working environmrnt, and we can get a better understanding of using art and beauty in the building as the environment in which staff spends the most time.

A smart building automation system, in fact, with the help of intelligent equipment used in them, allows the control and monitoring of electrical and mechanical systems in the house, some of which are mentioned here:

– Lighting systems

– Automatic control systems for curtains and shutters

– Heating and cooling systems

– Fire and water leak alarm systems

– Security systems (CCTV cameras, electronic locks, etc.)

– Audio and video control system

These systems continuously monitor the condition of the building by installing sensors in the environment and make decisions by the current state. Let’s continue with an example:

Consider the building parking lot lighting system. This system must be switched off when no one is in the parking lot. Also, if someone enters the parking lot during the day, and there is enough natural ambient light, the lights should not be turned on. Also, after the person leaves the parking lot, the lights must be turned off again. All this is easily possible with the building automation system.

Building automation system allows operators to measure, analyze and take measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. For example, it can dim the lights and put the mechanical system into nighttime mode, thereby adjusting the temperature and lighting to save energy through both systems.

The connection to the analysis platform enables operators to predict the system performance and perform condition based dynamic maintenance in advance. By being more proactive in dealing with potential maintenance issues, operators can reduce unplanned equipment downtime and better plan work without having to respond to alarms and deal with unexpected problems.

HDL Automation believes that the proper use of technology makes life easier. And as one of the world-leading building automation system providers, HDL Automation offers solutions that make daily tasks easier. Their scenarios can be implemented everywhere: homes, offices, public buildings, schools, hospitals, factories, and so on. Therefore, if you want to get more information about the building automation system or you need a specialized consultation in this field, be sure to contact HDL Automation before implementing a building automation system project.


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