What Everybody Ought to Know About Getting a Loan from Alternative Lenders


Alternative lending is an overarching term that describes any lending outside traditional financial institutions such as a bank or credit union.

These lenders utilise the latest technologies to streamline the process of lending. It allows alternative lending in Australia to provide a modernised application to borrowers who normally would not be approved by traditional lenders.

Reasons for finance struggle 

It might be hard to get proper finance at the moment. Reasons include:

  • A crackdown on investor loans.
  • Moving away from high-risk loans.
  • An extensive paperwork check for all borrowers.

Overall, would-be buyers will struggle to get financed. But with alternative lending in Australia, you have another option to get the funds you need promptly.

Efficient application

Alternative lenders offer a considerably efficient online process of application that may only take minutes to complete. In contrast, loan applications in banks could take up to 30 hours. Unlike traditional lenders, alternative lenders do not require extensive paperwork, documentation, and multiple years of your business’s financial history. In some instances, these lenders will review and approve your application via digital access to your business’s bank statements.

This effortless application process makes alternative lenders a good funding choice for business owners who don’t have time to complete paperwork. 

If you are a foreigner planning to do business in Australia, you might be wondering if you can get a loan in the country.

It must be noted that loans for foreigners have typically higher interest rates than regular loans. In some instances, lenders may require foreigners to have income and earnings in Australia. But an option for foreigners is alternative lending Australia which can provide them with the funds they need.

Fast turnaround

Typical lenders will require weeks or even months to process applications and deposit the funds. But thanks to their streamlined process, alternative lenders can approve and provide the funds as soon as one business day.

This fast turnaround makes this scheme ideal for businesses that require quick funding solutions to make the most out of short-lived opportunities.

Wide-ranging loan options

They also provide a more potent loan option based on unique criteria. Examples of these criteria are asset-backed financing and purchases against future receivables. The diverse loan choices available also enable these lenders to grant loans for smaller amounts.

This agility makes it the ideal choice for businesses seeking small loans as well as businesses who have assets such as unpaid invoices or strong daily sales that can be utilised to secure capital.

Use funds without restrictions 

Some lenders will place limitations on how you can use your funds. They insist that you submit a detailed plan on how your funding will be put into use. But alternative lenders typically don’t have such requirements. It allows you to use your financing however you believe is most advantageous for your business. 

Some types of lending, such as equipment or inventory financing, can only be utilised for specific purposes. However, the majority of the options provided here include merchant cash advances as well as online invoice factoring. These have no restrictions on how funds will be used.

What is considered a good credit score in Australia?

If you consider taking out a loan from traditional financial institutions in Australia, you must present your credit report. Overall a score above 853 is deemed to be excellent, while above 661 is good.

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