Four Reasons Your Closet Needs Some Knitwear


There isn’t a woman who will not like clothes that drape and fit perfectly irrespective of their body size. Knit clothes have been classic and timeless yet evolved from being that stereotypical winter dress to clothes that look and feel fashionable! An oversized knit sweater can effortlessly grab a chic look without compromising on comfort during travels. 

If you’ve only got those bulky wool sweaters and heavy jackets for this winter, it’s time you switch to some knitwear. Knit jumpers can give your body a warm, cosy, sometimes snuggle hug without skin irritation or discomforts.

Pros of wearing knitwear

Styling regular sweaters can turn troublesome when you are out of ideas. Not everyone can wear winter clothes well. But when it’s about knits, this fact isn’t always fair. However, everyone looks astounding in knitwear- a flattering appeal! Here is a list of some other perks convincing why you must own some,

1. A comfort wear

Winter clothes are often synonymous with itchy and bulky layerings, putting comfort at stake. But when it comes to knits, the big reason starts with the softness this fabric leaves one with. Knitwears are soft to touch, wear and feel despite having intricate stitches. Moreover, knitwear is so very versatile, leaving you with options of hand and machine-made knits. 

About 19.6% of the Australian population suffer from at least one type of allergy. Be it cable knits known for their historic sideline or cotton knit shirts that are more into being hypoallergenic knits are implacable when it comes to delivering solace! 

Since most knit shirts come in oversized patterns, they are just perfect for long travels rather than experiencing that annoying discomfort with tight elastane t-shirts. Form-fitting garments may seem a better backup idea for long drives in an air-conditioned car, but constant travel without body stretches is more dangerous than you might think. 

2. They need less care!

You can never feel enough when it comes to caring for or maintaining high-end clothes. Winter outfits are one such clothes, hard to maintain, only hand washable and not resistant to detergents! If you feel annoyed to wash, dry and stack clothes, knits are the go-to option. Most knit sweaters are out of cotton and you can solely put them into the washer without worrying about the aftermath! 

You can use your regular detergents and air dry them after every wash, and nothing more! As a result, you save dry clean cists and do not have to walk up to a drycleaning store the day you are running out of time to work! 

3. Your skin is happy!

Winters with random drizzles can ruin your outfits and knits can come for the rescue! Most knits have the moisture-wicking ability and keep your skin from feeling wet during winters and sticky during summers. Cotton knits can get this job done better as they absorb 25 times their weight in water! 

Eventually, your skin doesn’t feel irritated even after putting on a soaking wet knit, but you only enjoy feeling warm. Lightweight cotton knit shirts can also go well for mild summers- chic, breathable and non-sticky!

4. A wow on their stretch

Knits are amazingly stretchable. Most knit shirts are Quadri-stretchable and suit every body type- thin or curvy, simply flawless. As a bonus, you can enjoy the wrinkle-resistant feature of knits. Knits shirts don’t get wrinkled easily as they can quickly bounce back to their shape due to their extended stretch capacity. Feeling put together even after hours of travel or late mornings is possible. One way and that is – wearing a knit sweater! 

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