What are the advantages of opting for corrugated boxes?


Corrugated curtains have a structured layer, unlike cardboard containing a single sheet. When materials or products are shipped in cardboard, there is always a risk of the material sustaining damage. In the case of cardboard, you also need to add extra packaging material like bubble wrap et cetera to ensure that the product would stay safe. However, in the case of corrugated boxes, since it is made of layered materials, the need for bubble wrapping the product reduces. They can withstand more pressure and weight compared to cardboard boxes. Thus, corrugated boxes arise in the packaging industry. If you are planning to purchase corrugated boxes, check out corrugated box Malaysia. There are several advantages to opting for corrugated boxes.

Corrugated packaging benefits


Corrugated packaging has become so famous amongst retailers because it can be customized. You can design a corrugated box that is a perfect fit for your product thus satisfying your packaging needs in a better manner.

Increased customer satisfaction

An unboxing experience matters when it comes to customers. If customers have a pleasant unboxing experience, they are likely to order another product from the company. Therefore, to create a lasting impression on the customer, eCommerce businesses try to provide them with corrugated boxes since these can be customized. 

Increase protection

Corrugated boxes are stronger than cardboard boxes. They provide a cushion-like factor to any product that is being carried during handling and shipping procedures. The size of the corrugated box depends on the thickness. These are also perfect for keeping bacteria and moisture away and preventing damage to the goods inside. You also need PE foam to protect the product being hipped. Check out PE foam Malaysia to purchase PE foam.


Sustainable packaging is essential, whether it is eCommerce industries or any other. Corrugated boxes are some of the most eco-friendly packaging materials. Customers not only want good packaging, but they also want packaging that can be recycled so that the planet can be saved. Therefore, corrugated packaging provides for a protected packaging method and enforces a relationship with the customers. When customers see eco-friendly packaging products, the brand image in the customer’s mind improves.


One of the primary factors is to keep the weight off the packaging material as little as possible when transporting goods. This is why corrugated boxes are becoming the preferred option. They provide a cushion to the material inside while keeping the weight as light as possible. Being lightweight makes corrugated packaging very convenient for shoppers, especially since it ensures the product’s safety, and people do not have to pay extra for the shipping procedures.


In the case of corrugated boxes, you can either choose to go for the single-walled, double-walled, triple-walled, any specific flute size, et cetera. The availability of so many customization options makes corrugated boxes perfect for a variety of products shipping.

Cost efficiency

Since corrugated packaging is recyclable, it has become one of the most cost-effective options in packaging. Since the material can be reused repeatedly, it reduces the overall packaging cost. Thus, corrugated boxes have become the lifeline of the packaging industry.

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