Ways to score about 95 in CBSE Board Examinations in 90 days


Studying for the CBSE Board Exam 2021 is a different process for each student. However, many points are common to those who score over 95%. We’ve compiled all the points that have achieved the best CBSE grades in the past. Here are the tips recommended by teachers and educators to help students achieve a score of 95% or higher on the CBSE board exam. Practice as much as possible the CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 for your 10th class board exams.

CBSE 2021 Exam: Tips and Tricks

  1. Make a schedule that suits you.

First, you need a schedule. You need to schedule daily when to diverge what you do, such as eating, sleeping, studying, class and class training, entertainment, and extracurricular activities. However, your schedule must comply with you, your body, class schedule, time to school, and everything else. Even study time should be one of the most careful and active times you have.

  1. Practice CBSE papers and 10 sample papers for the last 10 years

Solving CBSE Sample Papers 2021 will help you understand and prepare for what questions are being asked. CBSE sample paper also improves speed and accuracy.

  1. Study subjects who need to memorize in the morning.

There is no best time to study. However, when you wake up from a good night’s sleep and have a nutritious breakfast, the morning is the best time to remember things. At this point, your brain can more carefully absorb names, places, dates, and formulas. In the afternoon, your brain will improve by processing information and connecting to the information you have already learned.

  1. Surrounded by safe and understanding people

You are afraid of the table because they told you it was difficult. You get even more scared when your friends tell you they are afraid or think they aren’t working. Stay away from those people and be with those who inspire you to motivate you to be better every day. CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 2021 really helps!

  1. You need to learn 100% of NCERT and solve it

CBSE specifies NCERT for all classes from Class I to XII. All the questions asked on the board exam are similar to the NCERT questions, except for some that can be very difficult. In any case, all CBSE exam questions come from topics that are only covered by NCERT.

  1. Study regularly

If you study CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 2021 daily, your cognitive power will never forget things. And the CBSE toppers say that they studied 5-6 hours daily.

  1. Stick to word restrictions

For a one-point question, write up to one or two lines, or about 15 words. For a two-point question, write in two or three lines, or about 40 words. For 5 questions, please fill in the points if possible. Write at least 5-8 points. Please introduce before the point.

To do things to get a score of 95% or higher in the 2021 CBSE Board Exams

Theoretical topics are best studied with imagination.

When studying a topic, associate it with what you have in your head. That way, you can remember them more easily.

Write down all formulas and points in one place.

Practice CBSE Sample Paper Class 10

Listen to background music without lyrics.

Study to learn

Please be happy to study. If you don’t know the topic, talk to your teacher.

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