Types of severe injuries that will attract compensation


Getting involved in an accident can be the most traumatizing moment in your life, especially if someone else’s negligence or liability causes it. Who will provide for your children? How will you walk down the aisle the following year as planned? These are just some of the questions that may linger on your mind a few seconds into the aftermath. That is why we recommend getting an experienced PG County car accident lawyer to help you think straight and make sound decisions amidst such confusion, pain, and emotional suffering. You can rely on positive client reviews and testimonials on websites to point you in the right direction. Direct references from family members and close friends can also be trusted. 

What are the prevalent injuries that are legally classified as “severe” when calculating and awarding compensation? They include and aren’t limited to the following:

  • Broken bones

Broken bone is the leading type of injury that attracts thousands of compensation lawsuits because its treatment is expensive and requires specialized medical care. A victim’s bones will likely break due to the high impact on high-speed moving vehicles’ collusion. This applies extreme pressure to the bones than they can withstand hence fracturing or breaking. Treatment may involve fitting artificial metals and plastics to help support the body’s frame. Broken bones can also arise from industrial and workplace falls.

  • Extensive disfigurement

Disfigurement is the deformation of someone’s morphological appearance or entire physical appearance. It will often arise due to high impact collision with a hard surface, mostly in road accidents and industrial falls. Extensive disfigurement may attract expensive medical costs to treat as it may require top-notch cosmetic procedures such as skin transplants to depict a normal human face. That means victims can have a totally new face after recovery.

  • Permanent limitation of a body organ or part use

Permanent limitation of body organs means that they cease to be functional unless transplanted or the victim lives without their role. For instance, if the left kidney is punctured in a motor vehicle accident or poisoned by toxic industrial waste or drugs, the victim can still function with the right one. However, he/she is eligible to be compensated for the lost one. Some body parts, such as limbs, may not find proper replacements if they are permanently maimed. In that case, compensation money will help to invest in alternative walking equipment such as automatic wheelchairs.

  • A significant limitation of a body organ or part use

You don’t have to totally lose your leg to attract compensation for a significantly severe injury caused to you. Remember, you’ll still feel the pain and suffering, miss work, and even incur expensive medical costs. In that regard, any injury that causes a substantial full disability for a period of more than 90 days is treated as severe and will be given priority in compensation hearings and proceedings. 

The above types of severe injuries will help you know how exactly your case should be handled, giving your attorney a quick head start. The only thing that you’ll need to remember now is discussing the legal fee in advance and putting it down in a written statement to avoid any possible future dispute. Most law firms will handle your case on a contingency fee.

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