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Planning a trip to your dream destination can sometimes be challenging. Lack of information, rookie planning, and sometimes not finding the best location for your vacation can make things worse for you.  But not anymore, TRUEHAB can be your one-stop Shoppe for all travel needs and requirements. Being a travel startup, we aim to cater to the travelers not only the best travel experiences but give the same for you, keeping in mind all your requirements too. Our site can surely give you a lot more than just travel packages, an experience of a lifetime.

Brains behind the initiative

This startup is an initiative spearheaded by Pratima Sinha and Prem Singh Kukreja, proud founders of TRUEHAB. Moreover, TRUEHAB is supported by an influential business house with more than 20 years of experience in the internet and technology sector. With the help of artificial intelligence, TRUEHAB connects its users with the best travel agents and experts. So that your journey can be safe, cost-effective, and remarkable indeed. Each time you want to explore a new region, trust TRUHAB.

The true aim of TRUEHAB

Born in the year 2020, TRUEHAB aims to establish the world’s largest travel community. After establishing its footprints in the travel community, it has garnered over 1 lac visitors in just one month. Here at TRUEHAB, our primary focus is to build not only a startup which can offer different travel packages to the travel enthusiasts but along with that to create a community where the visitors can get the travel stories, insights, experiences and so much more to plan their perfect vacation without any hassle. Moreover, we help them to collaborate with more than 50000 travel experts so that they can plan their journey the way they want it to be. The best part of our startup is that we use artificial intelligence to find the right travel expert for travelers and make their journey memorable.

TRUEHAB is globally capturing the entire journey of a traveler. With these footprints, it brings you the high definition travel details. If you want to discover new horizons, explore the beauty of nature, planning your trips, then start your odyssey with TRUEHAB.

USP of Truehub

Our sole aim is to build the biggest travel community in the world, where a person gets inspires to discover new places to plan their trips with our experts to land in his dream destination. In this way, we want to capture your entire journey to explore new horizons and want your stories to be heard and more people to follow the dream. So start a new journey today with us.

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