Tranxition Provides IT Services Efficient PC Migration Software


Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, companies have faced unpredictability and distress. However, most companies, worldwide, transformed their working styles to proceed towards success, using different software. Tranxition is one of them. Your organization and workforce can be supported by Tranxition through the following steps:

The current circumstances require employees to work from home. Through Tranxition’s Migration Manager, one’s user description, settings, and files can be migrated from a Windows computer to cell phones. Not only this but one’s files can easily be moved to clouds and converted to virtual machines. Over the last fourteen days, our software has received a high demand, mainly because of its remote-based utilization. We make sure that your license is delivered immediately.

If you are in urgent need of work migrations, Tranxition offers its experienced personnel to set up the software for you. This offer comes at a discounted price.

Furthermore, a user’s migration can be processed within a few minutes using MigrationStick, a USB stick made to make migration easier. It is available all around the world, through the US’s and Canada’s distributors. The process has been altered in a way that will decrease the chances of information disclosure and will make it easier for the users to convert to cell phones themselves. For further information, you can contact Tranxition.

Due to these features, many consumers, technicians, and workers can shift their work to cell phones within an hour.

Tranxition continually works to make PC Migration better for IT.    Last year, we added support for excluding profiles by last date accessed, support for NSA-grade AES-256 encryption for data at rest and in transit, and an excellent performance boost that makes us three-five times faster than any other migration solution we’ve seen.  It’s far and away the best solution to copy user profile and document projects.

Migration Manager migrated 10GB persona in less than 30 minutes. USMT needed one hour and forty for the same persona.

We have run across a number of companies that are moving to Windows 10 that have tried to use home grown solutions or XCOPY to attempt to migrate, with difficult to disastrous results.    In a recent test, our file capture was even 10% faster than plain XCOPY, and it gives the operator a lot more options, like file rules and file redirection on the fly.

Kindly contact us if you ever feel like Tranxition can serve you in more ways, apart from the ones already mentioned. Such circumstances will make us advance towards development and adaptation to situations, both temporary and permanent.

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