Top 6 SE Asian countries under a budget


Many of you often assume traveling internationally is expensive. But hey, what if we tell you that traveling to certain destinations outside India is not heavy on your pockets? Yes, you heard us!

One of the cheapest destinations in Southeast Asia. Not only is it one of the cheapest regions in the world, but also is super friendly, hot, and happening with delicious foods, great nightlife, and diverse landscapes.

We’ve put together a list of places you can visit in Southeast Asia under a budget. Here, give it a go:

1. Cambodia

This Southeast Asian country bordered by Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam is an ideal choice for travellers on a shoestring. One can easily keep daily costs below Rs. 3,000 while traveling here.

A cheap guesthouse room can easily set you back around Rs. 800 and a meal in simple restaurant costs around Rs. 500. You can get around pretty inexpensively by using public transport like buses.

2. Bali

Bali is one of Indonesia’s many islands, which is quite popular. And hey, it’s pretty easy to see why it is hyped. Not only is it one of the popular destinations, but also one of the cheapest Asian countries to visit.

It costs around Rs. 4,000 a day, which is pretty manageable for the thriftiest travellers. However, the prices can vary greatly depending on where you are on the island. Another way to save money in Bali is to travel outside peak season.

3. Bangladesh

Although Bangladesh is pretty reasonable, very few are aware of the destination. This South Asian country has historically been ignored by travellers as it lacks a developed international tourism infrastructure.

Despite this, if you are someone who wants to get off the backpacker trail but still wants an affordable (and veritable) adventure, look no further. Fly to Bangladesh and witness how friendly people are, what their culture is, and how beautiful the country is, of course!

4. Sri Lanka

It is undoubtedly one of the cheapest countries to travel to in Asia. It is also quite a popular destination amongst travellers due to its tropical climate, beautiful beaches, incredible food, and low prices, of course!

Travelers get to witness its incredible wildlife, amazing white sand beaches, and incredible and most instagrammable places in the world- all at reasonable costs. It’s safe to say that one can have a memorable time in Sri Lanka without breaking the bank.

5. Philippines

Palms trees, sunsets, diving spots, and some of the best islands make the Philippines the perfect country to have an amazing time while still traveling on a low budget.

The key to keeping your budget intact in the Philippines is to avoid large cities, look for budget-friendly dorm rooms, book flight tickets in advance, and indulge in street food. This way, you can make the most of your trip to the Philippines while staying on a tight budget.

6. Thailand

And finally, the list is incomplete without mentioning the cheapest international destination of all time, Thailand.

From adventure enthusiasts to leisure seekers, everybody wanders off to this Southeast Asian country as it offers the best of everything under a budget.

With tourist places like Cambodia, Bali, Thailand, and more you have a lot of exploring to do, especially if you are visiting Southeast Asia for the first time. Neither will you run out of options when you are looking for landmarks to explore here nor will you run out of money while traveling. So, visit a flight booking app and book cheap flights to these places before it’s too late!

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