Top 10 Movies of Tabu


Tabu is one of those successful Bollywood actresses who did films because she loved the actress in her. Away from commercial setups, Tabu did movies that touched her, helped her grow, and the ones that made her a successful actor. Recently, she acted in films like Andhadhun, Haider, and Drishyam, where she delivered a remarkable performance.

10 Best Tabu Movies for Movie Buffs

We have collated a list of movies that Tabu did since the beginning of her career that will prove her love for acting. From Maachis to Drishyam, these 10 Tabu movies are a must-watch for all Tabu fans:


Maachis was one of the movies that revolved around the Sikh insurgency in Punjab that took place in the 1980s. Tabu was lauded for her performance in Machis as she played a role of a simple Punjabi girl who joined her lover when he was declared as an outlaw by the state.


Virasat is a story of a rich son of a zamindar staying in a remote part of India. He is in love with a girl but could not marry her due to family disapproval. Things change drastically and suddenly when his father dies and he has to come back home to handle responsibilities. He gets married to a simple village girl and loses his heart to her simplicity. Tabu has done a great job in this role alongside Anil Kapoor.


Tabu probably took the first step in spreading awareness about woman empowerment in society through the movie Astitva. This film raised some pertinent questions on infidelity. How infidelity affects a wife’s and husband’s life separately where a man can get away with it and a woman is termed as immoral.

Hu Tu Tu

Tabu plays the daughter of a Chief Minister in the movie, starring opposite Sunil Shetty, who loves Tabu and hates his father’s evil business practices. He turns into a Naxalite and kidnaps Tabu to get one of his comradesreleased. Both start following communist thoughts, and their parents are shocked.

Chandni Bar

In this film, Tabu totally owned a role that most actresses might have rejected. Tabu and Atul Kulkarni both won national awards for their excellent performances in Chandni Bar. The movie is about crime and how it ruins future generations in most cases. The movie sure ended on a bleak note, but Tabu received critical acclaim and appreciation.


Surrogacy is a complex concept, and being a surrogate mother is very critical. In the movie, two best friends, Rewa (Tabu) and Sia (Sushmita Sen) have grown together since childhood. Rewa is expecting a baby and everyone is happy. She loses her baby. Sia comes forward and the complications start arising.


Maqbool is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, transposed to Mumbai underworld. Tabu plays Jahangir Khan’s mistress and Maqbool’s secret lover. She instigates him to kill Jahangir Khan. However, Maqbool starts seeing Jahangir’s ghosts, and Nimmi goes mad by guilt. The opposition unites and kills them.

Cheeni Kum

A 64-year old Indian chef is running a world-class Indian restaurant in London and sees himself as someone who is the best at Indian cuisine. Tabu returns a Hyderabadi Zafrani Pulao, saying it is too sweet which angers the chef a little. He challenges her to make anything more pleasant than this and she does. He humbly accepts defeat, and they both start connecting.


Haider is a modern-day adaptation of Hamlet. Starring Tabu and Shahid Kapoor along with Irfan Khan, this movie is a delight to watch if you like slow cinema. Haider loses his father and returns home to find his father’s murderers. In his findings, he understands that Khurram is the culprit and his Mother is dating him. He is broken emotionally and mentally shattered after knowing the news.


Andhadhun was one of the best murder mysteries and Tabu was at the centre of it. The yesteryear star, Pramod Sinha, likes the performance of a blind pianist, Akash. Pramod invites Akash for performing at his residence as a surprise for his young wife. Pramod’s wife, Simi (Tabu), kills her husband with her boyfriend, and the “blind” pianist sees everything through his eyes. Akash is trying to enhance his art by pretending to be a blind pianist.


Drishyam is a movie about a man who tries everything he can to save his family from the dark side of the law. Directed by Nishikant Kamath, this one is a great watch, and you can never get bored of this film.

These are the top 10 movies of Tabu that you cannot afford to miss. These are the best performances delivered by Tabu that made her one of the most successful actors of her time.

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