Tips to Write a Perfect 500-Word Essay Guidelines


An essay is the most common type of task in the humanities field. A student needs to open up the subject of the work providing it with their thoughts and ideas. An excellent essay is interesting, easy to read and understand. As a rule, essays have a length of 250, 500, and 1000 words. Let’s check guidelines on how to write a good 500-word essay.

A structure of a 500-word essay

Writing an essay, an author has a goal to provide a clear vision of their way of thinking to readers. To make it properly, they must prepare and know the subject very well. In a short paper, a writer needs to present and argue their point of view. Nevertheless, another significant demand is logical and structured narrative. In this way, to write a perfect text a writer needs to follow a 5-paragraph plan consisting of their main statements and their proofs.

  1. The introduction. The first part of an essay must awake the interest of readers by providing the mood of the work, general questions, and other details that can make a reader want to read your work further. The introduction usually consists of 70 to 75 words.
  2. The main body. This part consists of 3 paragraphs each of 100-130 words. Every paragraph starts with a thesis. Then, an author gives evidence of the provided thesis. Remember, that the main aim of the work is to make readers get in your ideas and, preferably, agree with them. The content must be maximum convincing and reasonable.
  3. The conclusion. An author summarizes all the content of the work and makes a general conclusion of the writer’s thoughts and ideas. This part contains about 75 words. A conclusion should bring emotions of readers: they may be satisfied with the integrity and finality of the information, or vice versa, want to think over the subject once again and to know something more about it.


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